Top Eight Things to Love and Hate about Fall in Iowa


Fall is one of the more popular seasons of the year for good reason. The weather is milder, the food becomes a little more comfort based and you get a little preparation for the upcoming winter. The following are the best and worst things to deal with in the fall while in Iowa.

  1. The weather can cause fall to barely happen- Iowa can have really long summers or very early winters. We seem to struggle to have a true fall period since either of these things can shorten or take away our fall time. We’ve had summers extend into December and we’ve had snowstorms in early October. We just never know if we will actually get a traditional fall season and if we do, how long we can enjoy it.

  2. The leaves make the crazy weather worth it- Again, this is weather related since the weather impacts the leaves changing colors, but once we do have the colors change, it’s well worth it to have a visual reminder that fall has arrived. Even if we’re still in t-shirts as we’re seeing it, it’s still a beautiful way to mark the season.

  3. We have apple orchards galore- Iowa is fortunate to offer many options in terms of apple orchards in and around Des Moines especially. If you’re wanting to have a relatively cheap outdoor activity that can involve everyone in your family, this is a great option and you’ll end up with a healthy treat at the end. Click here for the best options around Des Moines to pick apples.

  4. The University of Iowa and Iowa State game is the true mark of fall- This is the big rivalry of the two main public universities in Iowa.  Tickets can be kind of tricky to obtain for this major game of the year but if you do luck out and get some, you’ll be joining thousands of die hard fans root for their favorite Iowa team.

  5.  It can be kind of tricky to find fall related food items- I’ve written about the top places to find pumpkin flavored items, click here to read it, but it can be kind of tricky to find a good apple pie or pumpkin flavored food item around town since a lot of our stores don’t carry the items or they just don’t make them. This isn’t a major deal but for those who want to savor fall related foods, it can be kind of a pain to find them locally.

  6. The festivals and music events go away- Des Moines is awesome at having various festivals and music events in the summer but they tend to completely drop off once October rolls around.  It would be nice to have more events planned in the fall and winter but the weather probably plays a factor as well as the ability to get big acts to come after the summertime.

  7. Fall peeping isn’t just a Northeast thing- Des Moines and Iowa itself has many options to leaf peep. We may not have as many tree colors as the Northeast has but we do have a beautiful leaf display when our leaves do change colors with all of our parks and rural areas.

  8. We all know winter is coming and makes us most of us cranky- No one likes to drive in icy, snowy weather and just the thought of it can make a lot of people shudder.  Fall gives us a little break before that happens but it also is a reminder that it’s coming.