Top Ten Safe Conversation Starters for your next Family Gathering



Every family gathering has the potential to bring everyone closer together or tear everyone apart. The following are the most non-controversial but still interesting conversation starters to help learn more about your family and to help keep the peace during your time with them.

  1. What job would you have if money and lack of talent/experience weren’t an issue? The choices are very telling in what the person secretly wanted to do or even still wants to do for a profession but weren’t able follow their dreams.

  2. Say one nice thing about the person sitting to your left/right. It’s so easy to focus on your family’s faults that this question will force everyone to come up with at least one good thing about each other and should start the conversation on a positive note.

  3.  If you had the ability to do one thing over again, what would it be? It could be anything from not marrying someone to choosing to go/not to go to college. This gives great insight into what the person sees as their biggest regret so far in their life.

  4. Which family member has had the greatest influence on your life and in what way? You can make this a chance to brown nose or you can genuinely express your appreciation for the family member who really made an impact on your life.

  5. What television show or movie had a profound effect on how you view the world or yourself? Media has a way of effecting people to the point that they can completely change how they see certain things. See which movie or television show made that difference to your family.

  6. Would you choose the ability to be invisible or the ability to read minds? Why? It’ll be interesting to see the motivation behind their choice beyond wanting to be a peeping Tom or win arguments by knowing what the other person is planning on saying.

  7. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you pick? This also is telling in how different of a choice they would make from what their current home life is like.

  8. Would you rather be famous for a year for something good or  be famous for ten years for something bad? This question will show how badly a family member wants to be in spotlight even if it comes with a cost.

  9. What famous family- whether a real life family or one from a movie/television show- does our family most resemble? Bonus points for agreeing on which individual members of the family resemble their respective famous counterpart.

  10. If you could live in a different era, which would you pick and why? Maybe your aunt wants to go back and be a hippy in the 70’s. Maybe your nephew wants to be in the future to fight robots. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone chooses present times.


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