Top Ten Foods to Try at the World Food & Music Festival


The World Food and Music Festival will be held September 17-19nd this year. The following are the best foods to try during your visit.

  1. Laos– There’s three stands you can try Laotian food. If you’re wanting just something cold to drink, try a bubble tea at Bubble Tea Kups. If you’re wanting something to eat, try MJays al la Carte where you can load up on crab ragoons and heavenly beef jerky with sticky rice among other options.

  2. Italian-Simeca Italian sausage has a 1/4 or 1/2 pound Italian beef sandwiches and ice cold strawberry lemonade to go with them.

  3. South Korea– Heart and Seoul is new to the festival this year with their steak bulgogi rice bowl to try as well as steak bulgogi rice balls. Steak bulgogi literally translates to fire meat and is the Korean style of grilling marinated meat or pork on the barbeque or a stove top grill pan.

  4. Mexican-There’s 4 choices for Mexican food this year- Nina’s Taco’s is new to the festival and are offering a quesarita taco. Tacon Madre has carnita torta planchada as well as chicken nachos. Taqueria 3 Hermanos will be having a Mexican style corn on the cob and mango on a stick for those missing the Iowa State Fair already and lastly Taqueria Villa has El Pastor and Horchata among their many choices.

  5. Nepal-Kathmandu is new to the festival this year and offering Momo- a type of steamed dumpling, chicken curry and rice and samosa- a baked pastry with a savory filling.

  6. El Salvador– Creme de la Crepe is offering both sweet and savory crepes. The sweet choices are nutella with banana or a strawberry whipped cream option. The savory is a ham and swiss crepe. Though crepes are thought to be a more French food, El Salvador has a long history of different settlers after WW2 and French refugees made their way to El Salvador brought their beloved crepe’s with them and made them a popular food there.

  7. Moroccan- Moroccan- Style Kefta Pocket at Karam’s Grill- A kefta pocket is a pita pocket and the Moroccan style usually means it’s stuffed with ground/grilled beef and onions.  This is like the Moroccan version of the American hamburger only lighter and a lot less fattening.

  8. Venezuela- La Calle will have everyone’s favorite churro both in bowl form and either the traditional sugar churro or a dipped churro. For those who haven’t had a churro before, just think of it like a donut in stick form only even better than that.

  9. Greece- There’s two choices for Greek food this year- Yanni’s which has been a Des Moines staple since 2002 that offers multiple choices in gyros with a lamb, veggie and gyros and multiple choices in Greek desserts including their famous baklava . Greek Flame foods, which has also been in Des Moines for a long time- 30 years in fact in the East Village where they moved from the Merle Hay neighborhood, will have gyros, an artichoke veggie platter and Greek spinach pie

  10. Bosnian- Cepavi at Papillion Bosnian Food- Cepavi is a grilled dish of minced meat (a type of skinless sausage) that are usually served 5-10 pieces on a plate or in a flatbread often with chopped onions, sour cream and feta cheese.

For more information about the World Food and Music Festival, click here. For more festivals to visit in Des Moines, click here.

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