Top Ten Wedding Guest Complaints


Wedding guests are happy to see the happy couple get married but they’re also just as happy when the whole event is finally over especially if they had to hear about all of the planning for months leading up to it. The following are the biggest complaints guests will probably have the weddings they’ve been (forced) honored to attend.

  1. You had an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer in the middle of the day.  You also didn’t offer any sort of shade for your guests so they’re out in the middle of the  sweltering heat in their fanciest (dry clean only) clothes. If you must have your wedding in the summer sun, please consider having the ceremony under a tent or having it later in the day so the heat doesn’t literally melt your guests away.

  2. Your reception was more than 10 miles away from the ceremony. This is especially troublesome for your out-of-town elderly guests ( or anyone who is directionally challenged even with the help of GPS) who had enough trouble finding the ceremony and now have to drive to a different, out of the way location to be part of the reception. Try and have both the ceremony and reception in the same location or at least have them close enough together that half your guests won’t get lost trying to find either one.

  3.  You spent a year planning but the day of is a complete scheduling nightmare.  Spend more time coordinating what and when things will happen on the day of instead of solely focusing lesser needed details. Tell your wedding guests what to expect during the day especially if things will be running late due to a vendor being delayed or some emergency. Guests shouldn’t be left in the dark about major changes especially if they have other plans for the rest of the day or night.

  4. The bride and groom pulled a disappearing act. Yes, it’s nice to get a break from all of the craziness that is going on and from the stress of everything but this is probably the only time a lot of your guests are going to see you for a while if they live out of state or they’re elderly or you weren’t all that close to them before the wedding. Spend time with the people who came to see you on your special day and if you need time away from everything, take it in mini breaks instead of just going AWOL for hours at a time.

  5. Your wedding looks like it cost a ton of money yet you went cheap with the food and drinks to pay for everything else.  A big chunk of your guests are there solely for the food and drink (and sure, to celebrate your finding everlasting love) so they don’t care that you spent $10,000 on flowers when they’re nibbling on tiny servings of stale pizza rolls and drinking tap water. Happy guests are well fed guests.

  6. You tried to fit too many people at the reception tables. People need room to eat in comfort instead of having to keep their elbows held closely to their sides as they try to use both a knife and fork at the same time.  Get more tables or find a bigger venue or weed out people on your invite list so people have room to eat without poking their seatmates with every bite of food they take.

  7. You picked a really hard date to get off of work or to travel for the wedding.  Dates like holidays or during peak travel times make even getting to your wedding an ordeal.  The holiday or date you chose may have a sentimental meaning to you as a couple but expect a lot of no’s to your reservation request if you pick Super Bowl Sunday or Christmas Eve.

  8. You’re being too adventurous with your food choices. Know your audience when it comes to the foods you choose for the dinner or appetizers. Your 80 year old grandmother or redneck cousin probably won’t enjoy the salmon mousse you picked out as much as if you had picked a safer choice like baked fish.  You can have non traditional foods by all means but don’t base your full menu on the weird stuff or your going to have a lot of food thrown out at the end of the night.

  9. You spent most of your time with your groomsmen/bridesmaids instead of any of the guests. Yes, these people have been with you for the whole wedding planning experience but you invited other people to your wedding too so spend a few minutes acknowledging them so they don’t leave thinking they made a horrible mistake spending their free time with people they no longer want to be associated with because they were snubbed.

  10.  Thank you notes. Did you send one to everyone who gave you a gift in a timely manner or at all?  People will remember notice and they’re remember if you took that five minutes to write them a personalized note thanking them for whatever it is they gave you or for just coming to the wedding.  Do you want to be remembered by the 400 people you hosted as the couple who can’t write thank you notes?


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