Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts under $100


Some mother’s are easy to shop for and others end up being more of a challenge. The following are inexpensive gifts to show your mom you appreciate everything she has done for you over the years.

  1.  Bath Bomb Gift Set-$17.95 This set of 6 vegan bath bombs come in different scents made with moisturizing natural essential oils. Each 2oz bath bomb is individually wrapped so you have the option of dividing the bombs amongst several people or giving all of them to one lucky person. This is a great gift for those who want vegan products but also want to pamper themselves as well.

  2.   Key Finder/Wallet Tracker Wireless 1 receiver/6 receivers-$23.98 each- If your mom or wife and basically everyone in your home has some trouble with finding their keys or wallet every day, this handy key/wallet tracker uses radiofrequency technology to help you find your missing item. 115 feet locating range and no need to install an app, this set helps everyone in your home find their most often lost items in a hurry.

  3. The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame, Grandma   The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame-$25.99- A great gift idea for the first time grandmother, this frame has three slots for photos- the first being for when she was a young girl, the second for when she was a mother and the third is for her as a grandmother. It comes with an optional engravable plaque that you can write your own message to her(engraving service isn’t included).  A beautiful way to help your mom see how far she has come in her life.

  4.                Turkish Cotton Bath Robe– $56.95+-  Yes,SNL made a spoof on mom’s getting a robe as a go-to gift but if you’re going to do that you might as well get a good one.This Turkish cotton bath robe rivals those found in the most expensive of hotels. It’s incredibly soft and will retain body heat to ensure she won’t suddenly get the chills once she steps out of the shower or bath.  Made of 100% Turkish cotton. Comes in twelve colors so you’ll be sure to find her favorite or you can go the safe route and their popular white robe.

  5. 38inch Rose Gold Memorial Wind Chime- $34.99- This gift will guarantee that she’ll think of you every time it’s breezy outside. Made of iron, this wind chime will fit in both outside on a deck or inside as a decorative addition to any room. In the practice of Feng Shui, wind chimes are thought to ward off negative energy for all the members of a household.

  6.    7 Piece All In One Gardening Tool set with Folding Stool-$38.99- For both the novice gardener and those who consider themselves to be experts, this tool set comes in a lightweight frame making it easy to tote around and includes a folding stool to make digging around a little more comfortable. The tools included have wooden handles and are made of stainless steel.  She’ll appreciate having this set to make her favorite hobby a little easier for her to do.

  7. Kalevel Eyeglass Chain Beaded Glasses Sunglasses Chain Eyeglass Chains and Cords For Women Gold  Beaded Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Chain-$8.99- The chains come in either gold or silver, these eyeglasses chains will make having your glasses handy a stylish fashion statement. The delicate chain won’t be distracting to the rest of your mom’s outfit and will make an elegant addition to her wardrobe.

  8.   Mason Jar Measuring Cups– $39.90- This is a quirky and useful addition to your mom’s kitchen counter. Dishwasher safe, these measuring cups can be used to measure both liquids and solids. An awesome gift idea for those moms or grandmothers who love to preserve their own food or to use the mason jars for craft projects.

  9.    Cheesecake Factory Grand Cheesecake Selection- $57.95- Give your mom a day off from baking or let her have a sweet treat that she doesn’t have to share with anybody if she doesn’t want to. If you want to have Cheesecake factory cheesecake without having to go there on one of the busiest days to eat out, this is a great gift to give and hopefully she’ll let you have a slice.

  10.   Reading Wedge Pillow– $39.90- Made of Down alternate, this pillow makes reading in bed much more comfortable. It can also help with those who suffer from acid reflux or other health issues that require elevation. The cover is removable and is made of 100% cotton.

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