Top Ten Bachelorette Party Ideas in Des Moines


Bachelorette parties don’t have to be relegated to dark bars or even involve alcohol (though they are more fun with it). The following are some ideas on how to celebrate an impending marriage without having to leave the Des Moines area.

  1. Have a Spa night at Salon Spa Wlocated at 400 East Locust Street, Salon Spa W offers several bachelorette party packages that range from $75 per person that includes a mani/pedi up to $200 per person that includes a body treatment/facial/mani/pedi. They provide a private area so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others if you get a little rowdy plus they serve treats and drinks. This is a great way to pamper yourself while in a fun environment.

  2. Have a private Sip and Paint classthe class gives everyone the chance to learn from local artists who will guide you on how to paint a featured painting. A private party does require a $200 deposit. It’s bring your own wine and food if you’re wanting to drink/eat while you learn so be sure to bring plenty for everyone in your party.  Your painting is a much better souvenir than a cheap mardi gras style necklace.

  3. Rent Kayaksfor those who want to be more active with their party, you can rent kayaks at Gray’s lake for $5 per half hour or $10 per hour. If you’re wanting somewhere to kayak that’s a little more secluded, you can rent kayaks at Raccoon River Retreats for $30 with complimentary shuttle services- you can pick how long you want to go out based on which route you choose. Both locations will provide all of the equipment you’ll need so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything but plenty of sunscreen.

  4. Go Paintballing in your worst bridesmaid dress/old prom dressthis is the best opportunity for the everyone to get a second usage out of that bridesmaid dress you were forced to buy for another wedding and a chance to get out any aggression you’re all feeling with the stress that weddings bring to all involved. The pictures of the before and after will be a fun addition to your wedding reception pictures. For indoor paintball, go to ICU Paintball Inc, especially if it’s a bad weather day or you don’t want to worry about tripping on the uneven ground and possibly getting hurt before the big day.

  5. Go on a Cupcake crawlwho says crawls have to only involve alcohol? Make a route that hits all of your favorite cupcake spots or whatever treat you’re wanting to indulge in. Renting a limo to drive you around makes it more luxurious and solves the problem of who’s driving and what cars to go in., Scratch Cupcakery is also an option, or see my post about top ten Ice cream spots for suggestions at Top Ten Ice Cream spots in Des Moines. To rent a limo, try Majestic Limo or DM Limos.

  6. Have a Casino night at Prairie Meadowsyou can still get the Vegas feeling without the hassle and expense of traveling there. Prairie Meadows recently added a hotel to the casino so you can extend the party if you need to especially if you’re having a winning streak at the slots or while betting on the horses. They offer free entertainment most nights so even if it isn’t a famous singer on the bill for the night you’re going, at least you won’t have to pay anything for the show.

  7. Visit a Psychic/fortune teller even if you don’t believe in them, it’s still fun to see what they say your future will hold especially for the bride and what her future will look like. Voices From Heaven is also another option in case Vision Psychics isn’t available.

  8. Hold a Romantic Movie marathon at home- hopefully you’ll already know what the brides favorite movies are but if you don’t, go with classics like When Harry Met Sally and Princess Bride or Casablanca. This would be a good idea for a winter bachelorette party to avoid going out in the cold. Make fun cocktails to drink or gourmet hot chocolate and order in a pizza. Make it a night of relaxation and seeing people falling in love.

  9. Volunteer– This website will help you find a program that needs volunteer workers near you that works with everyone’s schedules or you can work with Hope Ministries and serve food with their meals for hope program. Keep Iowa Beautiful is another local group who is always looking for volunteer help.

  10. Go “Glamping”- aka glamourous camping- you can spend just one night or make it a long weekend. You’ll get out of town though not too far and be able to spend the night in a non-hotel location where you can play the traditional “hen party” games or having an at home spa day. Country Cabins Motel in Cambridge offers 2-3 bedroom suites and even 2 log cabins for rent for larger parties. Timberline Campground is just a few miles west of West Des Moines and offers rental cabins for &70 per night for groups up to 4 people.
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