Top Ten April Fool’s Day Pranks


April Fools is the one day of the year where you’re praised for being creatively evil to those you work with or your friends and family. The following are the best pranks to help you celebrate this holiday.

  1. Lamp Bugs- Find the most realistic drawings of scary bugs you can find to use as a stencil- the more legs the bugs has the better-but don’t worry about the details of the bug itself so it’s only the outline of the bug we care about. Cut the bugs out and use a sharpie or other black marker to make them stand out against the lampshade. Then place them on the inside of a white or light colored lampshade and wait for your victim to turn on the lamp thus illuminating your giant bug.

  2. Caramel Onions- Since onions and apples basically look the same once covered in a thick layer of caramel, it’ll be easy to pass these off as the real thing. Take large onions and core them in the middle to put a wooden stick in as you would a regular caramel apple. Cover the onion completely with warm caramel and allow to cool. If you’re feeling extra evil, throw in a few real caramel apples and eat one of those as your victim takes a big bite of caramel covered onion.

  3. Toothpaste Oreo- Take out the regular frosting in a bunch of oreos and replace it with white toothpaste.  Try not to use minty toothpaste since they’ll immediately smell the mint and will probably refuse to eat the cookie. Also keep the toothpaste towards the center since it’s consistency isn’t the same as the frosting and you want to hide your switch for as long as it takes to get the person to take a bite.

  4. Fill hollow chocolate candies with disgusting centers- Make a small hole in the bottom of a hollowed out candy- you can use Easter Rabbits since Easter is coming up and they’ll be easy to find in stores- and fill the candy with whatever you think will gross the person out but won’t be too runny to prematurely ruin the surprise by leaking too early . Think things like spicy mustard, ketchup, steak sauce. You may just permanently ruin chocolate for some people by doing this.

  5. Break out the googly eyes- For those who don’t want to ruin perfectly good food, buy a giant bag of googly eyes in the craft section and start putting them wherever you can. Put them on family photos, on the spines of books in bookcases, in the middle of a person’s computer screen. Make it a game of finding all of the pairs of googly eyes and reward the winner with a googly eyed ribbon.

  6. Pretend it’s a snow day- Put four cups of baking soda in a large bowl and take a full can of white shaving cream (not gel) and mix the two together using a spoon or your hands. Once it’s all mixed together you have something that looks and has the consistency of snow. Run up to the sleeping victim and show them your snow and start screaming it’s a snow day. Then have them look out your front door or a nearby window in anticipation of this day off and watch as their hopes and dreams are crushed.

  7. Upside Computer Screen- Wait for your co-worker who once again forgot to lock their computer to step away from their desk. Push the buttons Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow which will cause their screen display to be upside down. They’ll be forced to call IT to have them help get it fixed unless they know how to do it themselves.

  8. Can of Peanut Brittle- Get a can of real peanut brittle but take some of it out of the can to make the can weigh less. Then offer people some peanut brittle and see how many will come to the conclusion that you’re trying to fool them with a can of spring loaded snakes.  This is a good choice for those who want to get a good laugh but don’t want to be mean about it.

  9. Block the Mouse Sensor-  Take a picture of yourself  with your most devilish smile you can make and tape it to the bottom of your co-workers mouse sensor so the mouse won’t show up on the person’s screen when they go to use it. Be sure to keep the tape and the picture to the bottom of the mouse so they don’t feel it and the trick will be ruined too early. Once they lift up the mouse, they’ll see your smiling face telling them you were the evil person to blame.

  10.  Drawer Surprise- Find the most horrifying picture you can on the internet- scary clowns are guaranteed to work- then print it so the picture takes up the full printer page and use color if it all possible. Then hide the picture at the top of an open drawer. Once your co-worker goes to open that drawer to look for whatever it is they need, they’ll be instantly shocked by the picture.


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