Top Ten Essentials to keep in your Desk at Work


Everyone has an emergency come up- whether it’s a fashion emergency or a need chocolate now emergency. The following should be kept at your desk to help you be prepared for anything.

  1. Tide To Go Stain remover stick– You will inevitably get coffee or food on your clothing during the course of the day no matter how hard you try to avoid it. These sticks let you get through the rest of your day without having to resort to changing your clothes.

  2. Devote one drawer or shelf to non perishable food– Speaking of food, you’re going to also get hungry during the course of the day and it’ll most likely happen after your company’s cafeteria closes or your company may not have a cafeteria at all. Don’t resort to the vending machine if you don’t have to by packing foods in your desk that are non perishable and nutritious. Packages of almonds are a good choice and so is beef jerky if you’re wanting to get some protein to help you power through your afternoon. Even if you put just chocolate in this drawer, you’ll still save money buying it from the store than the vending machine.

  3. Small sewing kit -This will help with any fashion emergencies like a button coming off or noticing a small tear in your clothes that can be easily fixed with a few stitches. Try and get a kit that has thread in the colors you normally wear day to day so it’ll be less obvious you had to do some clothes mending. If you don’t know how to sew or put a button back on, you can youtube it or ask a co-worker for help. This is a better alternative than stapling/taping your clothes if there’s a problem.

  4. Kleenex-  Cold and flu season seems to last year round especially when the office martyrs refuse to stay home when they’re sick. Be covered for your own sneezing fits by having your own stock of Kleenex to keep on hand and to hide at the end of the day.

  5. Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Tylenol–  Every job has some days that are headache inducing and having painkillers on hand will make the physical pain go away quickly even if the cause of the pain still sticks around.

  6. Band-Aids- Even office jobs can be dangerous so keep band-aids on hand for any minor mishaps such as the dreaded papercut. They’re also good to have on hand for those new shoes you wanted to break in at work but have now caused massive blisters to form on your feet.

  7. A “freshening up kit”- Put the following in your kit: a mini deodorant for high stress meetings and hot offices, a mini toothbrush and toothpaste for after drinking your 10th cup of coffee, floss sticks to make flossing a fast and less obvious chore (do this in the bathroom unless you want to be gossiped about)  and eyedrops for when your eyes feel like they’re going to crack from dryness.

  8. Single Serve Instant Coffee– Some offices don’t offer free coffee for employees and some offices do offer free coffee but what they offer isn’t worth drinking. These instant coffee packets make it easy to have a hot cup of coffee without needing access to a coffeemaker or making a full pot.

  9. A full set of work clothes including shoes– You never know what will happen during the course of the day to your clothes and some stains can’t be fixed no matter how hard you try to make your Tide To Go Stick to work. Have a full outfit at the ready in your desk so you can make a quick clothing change instead of having to go to your car or worse case scenario go home to change. Having an extra set of shoes will help if the pair you wore are uncomfortable.

  10. A Phone charger-  Most companies don’t want their employees to have their cell phones out at their desks but they shouldn’t have a problem with your charging your phone if it’s hidden away in a drawer or in your purse. You don’t want to leave work with little to no battery on your phone so keep an extra phone charger to prevent this from happening.


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