Top Eight Reasons being an Early Bird isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be


There’s the old saying that the early bird gets the worm but the following are reasons why being an early riser doesn’t automatically mean special perks for those willing to start their days hours before everyone else.

  1.  Good luck finding a job that will let you work early hours unless you happen to work in construction, a bakery, or as a newspaper person.  I’m not handy with a drill. I once made brownies using the broiler and quickly filled my apartment with thick, black smoke and I don’t see any job growth with being a newspaper person when more and more are closing due to lack of readership.

  2. You will spend inordinate amounts of time waiting for things to open. Nothing is open before 8am except grocery stores and gas stations.  That errand that felt so urgent at 6am slowly becomes non-essential three hours later once the store actually opens.

  3. You’re impossible to live with since it’s rare to find another early bird who shares your need to get up early. You have trouble getting to sleep since the night owls are still wide awake and make a ton of noise. You can get your revenge that next morning when you’re wide awake and get the urge to vacuum while the night owl tries to sleep in.

  4. Speaking of which, you can’t just turn off your need to get up early just because of who you live with or the day of the week. Yes, I know I can sleep in to a later time if I put my mind to it and yes, I know it’s Saturday, but my body doesn’t care. It wants to get stuff done and it wants to do it at 6am.

  5. Most early birds have no patience for late people. They not only tend to wake up early but they  tend to be the people who arrive at appointments and to work early too . They can’t understand why anyone can accept not only getting to work at the actual time they’re supposed to versus getting there early but anyone who is late to where they’re supposed to be.

  6.  Managers are always ok with you staying up to midnight at the office doing overtime but they lose their minds if you suggest coming in an hour or two early. Apparently coming in before working hours is illegal or something? I have yet to find out the reasoning for this.

  7. Your social life is going to suffer. You’re ready to go to bed by the time people want to start heading out for a fun night.  You’d love to have an early coffee with someone but no one ever takes you up on the offer.

  8. No one understands why you’re tired by the afternoon. Everyone else is just hitting their stride in getting things done and feeling awake. The early bird on the other hand has been up a few hours more than everyone else so they’re ready for a nap by noon.

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