Top Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Cupid is back for his yearly visit. The following are affordable date ideas to help you and your loved one celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

  1. Reenact your first date. Arrive at the first place you met in separate cars if you’re really wanting to make it feel authentic. Do all of the things you did on your first date no matter how small and reminisce about how that date started everything between the two of you.

  2. Take a Sick Day. Valentine’s day unfortunately falls in winter so you may end up calling it a snow day but either way, take the day off from work.  Spend the day watching movies and avoiding the real world outside.  No one can feel romantic after a hard day at work so take out the stressor of the day and stay in instead.

  3. Get a fancy coffee drink/hot chocolate and go for a walk- Perfect for those wanting to keep the date cheap but still want something special. Splurge and get the fanciest drink you can afford. Take it with you as you brave the cold weather together for a walk to burn off all of those sugary calories. You’ll get time to have distraction free conversation and the drink will give you some warmth as you walk.

  4. Have breakfast together. Most people skip breakfast before work or just eat something at their desk while at work but make today the exception. You can make a special breakfast to be eaten in bed or go out to your favorite breakfast spot before you have to dash off to work. You’ll start your day on a happy note and it’s way better than having a banana and coffee while driving to work.

  5. Get a hotel room for the night. Take a mini vacation from your household responsibilities by spending the night in a hotel you got for cheap at websites like priceline or even calling the hotel you want directly. Yes, this is one of the most coveted nights of the year but if you call ahead you can get some kind of discount or at least a freebie or two thrown in.  No having to make the bed in the morning either.

  6. Have a photo shoot. Whether you’re just dating or have been married forever, you will cherish the photos taken for years to come. Most people don’t take pictures after they’re married of just the two of them so let today be the day to commemorate your relationship now with pictures of yourselves. It’ll be a good reason to dress up and look your best . Try and get a friend or your teenager/teenage neighbor to be the photographer to save money.

  7.  Buy one extravagant gift. Make a list for your loved one that has the things you secretly want but either can’t afford or feel it’s too fancy to buy yourself. Have things that are both fairly cheap and top of the line so your loved one can have some options in terms of price points. It’ll be a surprise to see what they end up buying you and you’re sure to get things you actually want this year for a gift.

  8. Go to the gym together. This will be one of the nights that the gym should be fairly empty so take advantage of it. This is a great way to bond since you can find exercises that are done as a pair like throwing a medicine ball to each other. This will save money and calories and you’ll feel better in the morning than if you went with the traditional carb heavy dinner date.

  9. Plan a future vacation together. If you can’t get this week off for a vacation or can’t afford it, spend the night planning your next vacation or even your dream one. Plan all of the details so when you’re ready to take it, you’ll have everything decided. Even make reservations to ensure you get the best prices if you’re planning something a few months ahead of now. Planning the vacation is usually the least stressful part anyways.

  10. Stay in and have a wine/beer tasting. Buy at least 3 different types of your favorite type of wine or beer that you’ve never had before and spend the night having a tasting to see if you’ll find a new favorite. Try and have some hearty food to offset the alcohol and don’t drink too much of any of the choices to avoid having a post Valentine’s day hangover.


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