Top Nine Ways to Prevent Cabin Fever



Iowa winters will invariably mean spending a big chunk of time being stuck inside. The following will make this winter a little more bearable when you’re forced to spend a lot of it indoors.

  1. Have a winter to-do list Make a list of indoor things you need /want to get accomplished while you’re cooped up. Since you’re inside, you might as well do the boring stuff that needs done anyways like doing your taxes or the minor home repairs you have been putting off since spring. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment once they’re completed and you’ll be grateful they’re done once spring comes around.

  2. Load up on audiobooks- Reading books can get tedious but audiobooks makes the process a little more enjoyable. Let someone else do the work of reading while you relax and listen to the story. Pick up audiobooks for things you want to learn more about or just the books you’ve been meaning to read but couldn’t commit to in the summertime.

  3. Write letters/cards to your family and friends- Everyone loves getting a handwritten note or card even in this day of emails and texts. Write a letter expressing how much you appreciate them or let them know how you’re doing. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you may get a letter or card back  thanking you for taking the time to write to them.

  4. Don’t change your eating habits too drastically- Yes, winter is the best time to eat comfort foods but you’ll wake up with a food hangover. If you treat comfort food as a once a month treat you’ll see it more of a treat and less as a self induced obligation. When you do have a binge day, just to keep it from spilling into a binge weekend or a binge week.  Comfort food can be easily found year round so you don’t eat it like it’s going out of style and you’ll never be able to find it again.

  5. Make sure you actually leave your home- It may be tempting to spend your entire weekend inside and having your food delivered but your body physically needs to get outdoors.  Find a reason to get outside even if it’s to pick up something at the grocery store or to take a quick walk.  The fresh air will do you good and you’ll get a change of scenery for a little while.

  6. Plan a future vacation- Studies have shown that people get more pleasure in planning a vacation and the anticipation of the upcoming trip than the actual trip itself (not saying your trip is going to go badly but what one wishes will happen and what does happen can often not match up causing disappointment). So plan your dream vacation even if you can’t afford it now. Figure out every possible thing you need to plan for and you’ll be set once you can afford it. For tips on how to afford a big vacation, click here.

  7. Netflix with a purpose- If you’re going to spend the weekend binge watching things on Netflix or any of the other streaming services, try to make a schedule where your whole day isn’t spent watching television. Don’t let the entire weekend get away from you just so you could finish an entire seven season show. You can always save the rest of the seasons for a future weekend or for during the week so don’t feel like you must watch the entire series in one very long sitting.

  8. Find online videos of indoor physical activities- If you’re going to spend the weekend in your living room, you might as well be doing something good for your body. There are millions of free online videos of all sorts of things like yoga and rumba and pretty much anything you could want to take up. You’ll be able to get through that awkward learning phase in the privacy of your home and you’ll hopefully find something you can continue to do year round.

  9. Remember this too shall pass- Winter may feel like it lasts forever but if you have things that will keep you busy indoors and out the time will quickly fly by. Spring will come before you know it so take the time to enjoy this time to catch up on things and to really relax.  You’ll be busy soon enough once the weather gets warmer.


For the best winter activities to do in Des Moines, click here. For the best coffee places in Des Moines, click here.


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