Top Ten hopes for 2021

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  1. I hope that even though we have started to get the vaccine distributed, people will still practice social distancing and mask wearing until we have reached a point as a country to be able to stop having to take these extra precautions.
  2. I hope that people won’t be scared to take the vaccine once it’s available to them. Scientists from around the world worked many months on making sure their versions were safe. Yes, we don’t have the long term data on the effects of the vaccine yet but we also do have an idea of the long term effects of Covid and those are going to most likely be worse than the potential side effects of the vaccine.
  3. I hope we can put more funding into scientific research and more people going into the medical world in general. We have had a steady decline in people going into the field over the years especially with the growing shortage of both nurses and doctors. We need to make it possible for the people who want to go into the medical field can do so especially with the growing number of aging baby boomers and the younger age people are getting lifelong chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart problems.
  4. I hope people learned something useful out of this experience. No matter how small or large that something may be, I hope we all have learned a lesson. Maybe it was to have more of a emergency fund in case you can’t work for an extended period or you suddenly lose your job. Maybe it’s to take better care of your health since ultimately it can go away with someone as simple as a virus. Maybe it’s to be nicer to others. I hope that these many months of this daily stress and worry has taught us something important.
  5. I hope companies realize that working from home isn’t such a crazy idea anymore. I know I personally work harder at home than I do at an office since I don’t have the distractions of my co-workers wanting to chit-chat. Offices need to reconsider how their office is structured in order to survive post-covid. People are going to come to see remote work as a valid expectation especially for jobs that don’t need them to physically be there to perform the job.
  6. I hope parents realized how hard being a teacher is and to give them more understanding in the future. You can’t control your little demon? How about 30 of them and none of them are your own? Appreciate your children’s teachers and give them credit for doing what can be an incredibly difficult job at times.
  7. Speaking of difficult jobs, I hope we can appreciate all of the essential workers who still went to work day after day knowing they could potentially be exposed to the disease and oftentimes weren’t in a position to take time off from work or have a work from home option. The essential workers of America need a permanent raise for their sacrifices during this time.
  8. I hope we can go back to normal as close as we can considering this is going to be a long process. Some things will probably be permanently changed but we need to adjust and move on. We can’t have things back completely to what they were but we can at least try to bring back the normalcy of our lives before Covid hit.
  9. I hope Americans question why our government didn’t do more for us in the early days and even up through the second stimulus- $600 after months of waiting for that second check and we may not even get that little amount? We pay taxes for this very thing, for the government to take care of it’s citizens. We should demand answers and we should demand more from our politicians.
  10. Lastly, I hope 2021 doesn’t prove to be any worse than 2020 since 2020 was arguably the worst year of most people’s lives.

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