Top Ten Baby Shower Gift Ideas


So you’ve been invited to a baby shower and now you’re wondering what to get the expectant mother. What you buy should be something that will be both practical and will make her life easier even if it is in a small way.  The following will be useful to the new mom as well as affordable to you.

  1. Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size Newborn, 88 Count (Packaging May Vary) Diapers This is one the one thing every baby is guaranteed to not only need but also need a lot of.  Get a few different sizes so they’ll be covered in the future since babies can grow out of diapers pretty quickly. Yes, this isn’t going to get you ooh’s and ahhh’s at the gift opening part of the party but this will definitely be appreciated.  You can always include another small gift to go with the diapers but no mom is going to be disappointed in getting these.

  2. Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 7-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuit, White, 3-6 Months Plain Onesies This pack of seven onesies comes in basic white which will go with anything else in the baby’s wardrobe as well as can be gender neutral if you’re buying for a mother who is waiting to find out the baby’s gender.  They offer them in gender specific patterns as well but if you’re wanting to keep things easy for both you and the new mom, white is the safest bet.

  3.  A gift card for a home cleaning service  With everything that goes with a new baby, a clean house usually isn’t the first priority for a new mom since they’re running low on energy and time. Take away some of that stress with a gift card to a cleaning service so they can focus on the baby instead of having to mop their bathroom floors.

  4.    Baby food dispensing spoon–  Just load this spoon with baby food and give it a squeeze to dispense it. This will take away some of the mess with giving the baby their food and hopefully make the process faster since they won’t have to mess with holding the jar and trying to dig the food out of it.

  5.   Bath kneeling pad–  Giving a baby a bath can be hard on a parent’s knees. This bath pad gives their knees some cushion as they give their baby a bath and the 4 large pockets can hold whatever bath-time accessories they may need in easy reach. It comes with suction cups to keep it in place so the parents won’t have to worry about messing with it while they’re dealing with a squirmy baby.

  6.  Blooming BathFor the parents who want to use the sink to wash their baby-especially when the baby is too young for the bathtub, this cushioned bath tub is a fun take on a baby tub and is soft enough for the baby to keep happy during their bath.   It comes in 11 different colors and designs so you’ll easily find one that will work with the new mother’s style.

  7. Crawling Knee PadsThe baby won’t need these for a little while but this is a cute way to protect a new crawler’s knees as they learn the wonders of crawling.  The pads have built in ventilation to prevent rashes and are made with 80% cotton to further make them breathable.  These are a sweet way to help prevent carpet burn and protect from any small debris the baby may be crawling over.

  8. Baby Sound Spa Projector Help their baby fall asleep with this star projector night light that will last for two hours after its been fully charged with a USB cable so no need to worry about including batteries with this gift. This will soothe their baby to sleep and also provide a night light for making it easier to move around in their room at nighttime.
  9. "Letters to My Baby": Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. by Lea Redmond  Letters to my baby–  These 12 letters will give the new parents the opportunity to write down a memorably event in the baby’s life and then be given to the child at a later date like at their high school graduation or whenever the parents want their child to read about how they were as a baby.  This is a cute way to help the parents focus on the development and fun times of having a baby and it lets the child see how much their parents loved them while they were growing up.

  10.  My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow, Sunshine Poppy, Grey, YellowNursing Pillow Nursing can be painful for both the mom and the baby so this pillow should make it a little easier for them.  It comes with a back rest so the mom’s or dad’s back is supported while they’re sitting and a small pouch to hold their bottle or anything they might need to keep handy.  It comes in 18 different styles and is machine washable for any spills that may happen.

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