Top Ten Antique Stores in Des Moines

20160703_085026Whether you’re searching for the thrill of the hunt or you’re an avid antique’s collector, the following are the best places to find an new (old) treasure from locally owned shops in  and around Des Moines.

  1. West End Salvage-located on 9th Street and a second location in West Glen, this was one of my recommendations for coffee but this is by far the most extensive selection of antiques in town plus a large chunk of them come from local businesses/churches so you are able to buy a literal piece of Iowa history. They have four floors of antiques arranged in little viewing areas to give a better idea of how to use the pieces . Be sure to grab a coffee before you stop shopping since you’ll need your energy to go through everything.

  2. The Picker Knowslocated on Prospect Avenue in West Des Moines (formerly a Dahls grocery store) the Picker Knows is a 25,000 square foot showroom with a huge selection of antiques and even some new items to choose from. They have more of a laid back feeling to their store and the staff is very helpful in answering any questions you may have. The booths are set up in a fun way that makes it feel like you’re going to different stores within a store with how varied they are from each other.20160710_122250
  3. Reclaimedlocated on E. Grand Avenue in the East Village, Reclaimed is run by “Junklady” Carol Wyckoff who hand selects the items that are in her store from her many road trips and some found locally.  She displays the items often with fresh flowers and in inventive ways that are sometimes out of the box but always fun.

  4. Porch Lightalso located in East Village, Porch Light has a fun mix of eclectic furniture and décor and even carries jewelry and paper products like vintage cards and hand made notebooks. This is a great spot to get antique plates/cups if you’re wanting something that is different than the cookie cutter finds you’ll get at mass market stores. Their soap would make an awesome gift for a hostess or stocking stuffer.

  5. Raccoon Forks Trading Company–  Located on Des Moines street downtown Des Moines, this building is shared with Railroad Bill’s dining car. They have maintained its history- it was built in 1920 with many of the original features being preserved. This is a great place if you’re more serious about your antique collecting and wanting to find those truly hard to find deals.

  6. Funky Finds Vintage & Retrolocated on 18th Street, Funky Finds has a kitschy feel to it without going overboard. They do a very good job of displaying the items to show they were probably setup in the time frames the pieces come from. They have a decent selection of vintage clothes there if you’re seeking vintage clothing to go with your vintage furniture.

  7. Collectamania located on Delaware on the East side of town, Collectamania has more recent antiques including a lot of the toys those born in the 70’s and 80’s would be nostalgic for. The selection here is always changing so be sure to stop by often. They buy vintage items so if you’re needing to sell something that has been taking up space, this is a great spot to sell it.

  8. Finding Iowalocated in Historic Valley Junction, Finding Iowa is one of the only antique stores in Des Moines to go mobile with their wares with a recently bought travel trailer filled with pieces that travels to local antique fairs and antique events. The furniture here looks new even though it’s older than many of their customers.

  9. A Okay Antiqueslocated in Valley Junction, A-Okay has the more traditional antiques of things like Coca-Cola items and Fiesta dishware. Their items are in excellent condition. They offer help with Estate Sales and tag sales as well if you’re in need of selling your own treasures. They don’t have a ton of items but the items they do have a gorgeous so it’s worth checking out but may be harder to find something you’ll want to buy.

  10. Memory Lane AntiquesLocated in Valley Junction, Memory lane has multiple rooms of various items that you’ll easily spend a whole morning going through all of the nooks and crannies. They offer very reasonably priced items and the staff lets you shop in peace without constantly bothering you.

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  1. Beautifully written piece. Glad you enjoyed your experience at the ACS 💜

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  2. Without any doubts I can refer myself to avid collectors of antique and can say that nothing inspires me more than it. I have wanted to visit Des Moines for a long time and now I understand that primarily I go to the mentioned stores. To tell the truth, I really like to hear that the staff of “The Picker Knows” is very friendly and amiable because the attitude of the staff has a huge meaning for me while visiting shops. It arouses a wish to come back and purchase something again. Also, it is absolutely incredible that Carol Wyckoff selects the goods in such an interesting way and that it is from her trips. In this case these items have their own unique energy and history. I really want to visit “Finding Iowa” because it is really incredible that their furniture looks new despite the fact that it’s quite opposite.


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