Labor Day during the Pandemic

When I wrote the Memorial Day during Covid article I naively thought this would at least not be as active in September as it was in May. I thought things would have settled down. I didn’t think it would be gone by any means but I didn’t think we’d be increasing this much and we’d basically be in a holding pattern as we wait for it to either get better or worse as fall approaches.  In short, I thought we’d be in a better place by now.

But we’re not. We’re not as bad as it could have been for sure. I whole-heartedly believe without the forced lockdowns this could have been much, much more devastating but I also believe we ended the lockdowns too early all for the sake of getting a haircut or the false hope that it would save our economy.  We can’t realistically shut everything down forever but were a few weeks long enough? Obviously not or we wouldn’t have 5 million cases in America alone. We are still fumbling around trying to find a solution to stop the spread and it seems too large of a chunk of our population isn’t doing enough to protect not just themselves but everyone they come across in their day to day lives which if anything, will prolong how long this will keep being a problem since we need the entire population to participate not just a part of it. It’s like two people in a canoe rowing and one of them won’t do their job so that one person is doing all of the work and that canoe is now going in a circle. We can’t get out of this circle we keep going in until all of us put in the basic work of moving forward.  We have politicized a pandemic in a time where we need to care about each other’s well being more than anything.

When 9/11 happened we immediately teamed together to be united as a country but a microscopic invader that no one knows for sure how to stop it or prevent it from spreading beyond the basics we’ve all heard a million times by now has made us more divisive and really shown just how selfish this country has become. What happened in the 19 years since 9/11 to make this country so bad when it comes to thinking of others? Why did 2,977 deaths in 9/11 matter more to bring us together and the 187,000 deaths as of this writing have brought more doubt to the reality of the disease and dismissal of it by so many people? Where have we gone wrong in these 19 years?

I could easily list things to do this Labor day but with things being the way they are in most events have been cancelled and overall fear of being in public places due to people not practicing basic social distancing or mask wearing, I will make some basic suggestions on how to spend this weekend meant to honor the achievements of the American worker.

  1. Register to vote. If you don’t like how the country is being operated right now, get registered if you’re not and if you are, find out now where your voting place is and everything you need to know about the candidate you’re interested in so you’re an informed voter. Be ready for November 3rd if you want to see change to this country.

  2.  Go to your medical insurance company website and read up on what is covered by your plan especially what they are covering for Covid. Having worked in insurance for many years I can tell you now that insurance companies care about making a profit and absolutely do no care about your feelings or your livelihood- they’ll claim to but when you get your denial in the mail you’ll realize their claims have little truth to them. They have a team of well paid lawyers to make sure they keep their money to themselves- do you?  The leading cause of bankruptcy is medical bills so read up now while you’re healthy about what your insurance will actually cover and you won’t have any surprises later when you get your first bill after having been on a ventilator for a month. Call their customer service if you don’t want to go through all of the legal mumbo-jumbo of your plan. Figure this out now.

  3.  Build up your savings while you’re at it. I know a lot of people are unemployed or just barely surviving but you need to think of your future self as well as the here and now. Put as much as you can in savings now so you’ll have it later when you’ll probably need it. Cut whatever you can now and take that money and put it in savings. Cut every extra you can and save the money. You can always get it later once the pandemic is over but you need to be in survival mode now with your money before things get really bad in the fall and winter. The flu knocks people down in the fall/winter, we don’t know how bad Covid is going to hurt us yet so be prepared financially for this.

  4.  Wear the flipping mask. I know it’s hard to think of others right now but others are dependent on your actions even if you can’t recognize that. Your refusal to wear a mask puts everyone you come across in the course of your day at risk- do you feel comfortable knowing the elderly lady you were in contact with this morning could end up dying because you were asymptomatic and spread it to her without either of you even knowing you were the reason she died? Are you cool with that?  I hope not but the way some people are acting I can’t say for sure that you would feel anything other than well that’s the risk she took by having the audacity to go grocery shopping at the same time as you.  Wearing a mask is not comparable to what the jewish people dealt with by being forced out of their homes and into a concentration camp to die during WW2.  Your rights are not being infringed upon by being ASKED to wear a mask in public. Be an adult here. Wear the mask.

I hope I don’t have to write another one of these a year from now. I hope Labor Day 2021 will be like it was before this year but we need to come together as a nation to make that happen. We can’t depend on the few to protect the many. Let’s take this holiday meant to acknowledge all of the work we as Americans do during the course of the year and remember that we as a nation stand stronger if we stand united. We did it in 2001 and we can do it again now. Be united not divided. A virus shouldn’t be the reason this country ultimately fails. We’re better than that.

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