Top Ten Signs You’re a Cheapskate

20160710_173556.jpg Being cheap isn’t a bad thing per se, but sometimes people can go to extremes in the name of saving a few dollars. The following are signs you’ve reached cheapskate status.

  1. You not only shop at Goodwill, but you only buy things with the half price colored tags and finish it off by using a coupon.

  2. When you walk out of a gas station, your pockets are always brimming full of sugar/sugar substitutes and creamers. You’ll manage to fit in plastic silverware if you can convince your wife to put it in her purse or you happen to be wearing cargo pants that day.

  3. You have made an outing to stores like Costco/Sam’s Warehouse a meal out for your family by using a free visitor’s pass and then feasting on all of the free food samples on what feels like every other aisle of the store.

  4. You decide which bank to put your money in by what sort of freebies they provide you. Free lollipops isn’t sufficient. Do they have free coffee? Do they give free popcorn on Fridays? No, then sorry bank, you won’t be getting my money.

  5. The majority of your purchases have not just a clearance sticker on it, but multiple clearance stickers showing just how much it’s gone down in price until you bought it at the final markdown price.

  6. The only times you’ve spent the night in a hotel was either your company paid for it for a business trip or you and your family spent an afternoon watching a informative presentation about a timeshare they were trying to sell you.

  7. You use the free makeup makeover at designer makeup stands in department stores to get dolled up for any big events you have to attend. You buy the bare minimum to get it for free or find some way to barter to get out of the minimum purchase if you’re advanced enough in your cheapness.

  8. If you don’t cut your own hair, your haircuts are at beauty schools where the results are borderline scary more often than not. You may walk out with hair dye all over your neck and forehead but it cost half the price of a normal salon and you can tell yourself at least it was done at a “salon”.

  9. You haven’t seen a movie in a theater in years. You have been using someone else’s Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ account for as long as they’ve been paying for it and there’s a pretty good chance they don’t know you’re pirating it from them.

  10. Who needs a gym when your 20 year old car needs pushing so much and you happen to live on top of a hill?


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