Top Seven Ways to Make your Mornings Easier


Mornings are hectic whether you have children or just yourself to worry about. The following should make getting out the door every day a little easier for everyone in your household.

  1. Don’t feel like you have to make your or your children’s beds- Yes, there have been plenty of studies showing this will make you feel calmer during the day but if it’s a time drain for you, then why bother? Most likely no one is going to see it besides those in your family anyways. Drop this habit if it’s causing fights with your children or just feels like a chore you’d rather not have to deal with first thing in the morning.

  2. Plan your upcoming week’s worth of outfits on Sunday- I had a job that offered an on site workout center but the job was also a 35 minute commute so I had to be sure to have everything I needed in my gym bag to avoid missing anything essential. Use this tactic even if you aren’t packing a gym bag. If you don’t have space to make literal piles of clothes for the week, put the outfits together in your closet by hanging the pants with the shirt and putting socks/jewelry with it so all you have to do it grab the hanger and get dressed. Doing this will shave time figuring out what to wear every morning and you’ll have time to see if things fit/need repair without it taking more time then to find a replacement outfit.

  3. Pack your lunches/gym bag the day before- This is a common suggestion for a reason. If you pack your lunch and even your gym bag the day before, you won’t be scrambling to put it together in the morning and you’ll save money by not being forced to buy your lunch. It takes ten minutes at the most to get lunches ready and if you box up your leftovers from your freshly made dinner you’ll save even more time and will easily use up your leftovers that can tend to linger in the refrigerator well past their expiration date. If you pack your gym bag, you’ll have a literal reminder to go to the gym and you’ll be sure to have everything you need to get ready once you’re done with your workout.

  4. Set your alarm for a half hour before you need to get up- By doing this you’re giving yourself a half hour of wiggle room to get things done without it being a huge rush. Also you have the option of using that time to sleep if you need it. Give yourself time to get things done without sacrificing your mental health by giving yourself extra time to accomplish everything you need to do before you leave.  If you start your day in a rush, it’ll be pretty hard to get out of that mindset especially once you add the work related stresses you’ll be facing.

  5. Set multiple alarms and put at least one of them outside of your bedroom- Buy a cheap alarm clock to keep at your bedside and set it for the earliest time you need to get up which as said above, should be at least a half hour earlier than necessary. Then if you are still needing time to sleep, have a second alarm on your phone which should ideally be outside of your bedroom anyways and have it set for no more than a half hour after your first time. Putting it in a different room forces you to get out of your bed and you’re making sure that it’s still within a safe timeframe to get up even if you do need to use that second alarm. It’s hard to rely on yourself to make sure you get up on time once you hit that snooze/dismiss button so the second alarm takes away that chance of sleeping in too late.

  6. If you’re really wanting to make sure you go to the gym in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes- You’ll physically be reminded to go and you won’t have the excuse of well it takes too long to get dressed in my gym clothes so I might as well not go. Gym clothes are usually designed to be comfortable so it shouldn’t make sleeping in them too much different than your normal sleepwear and you’ll again save time in figuring out an outfit in the morning.

  7. Don’t watch the news if it leaves you feeling stressed- News stories these days are usually a big bummer. They involve murder and political issues that you most likely don’t want to hear about at five in the morning. Turn off the news and either play your favorite music or play a show on another channel that you like. You can set aside time at your lunch break to read news websites to see if anything major has happened but otherwise, ignorance can be bliss when it comes to starting your day in peace. Sign up for traffic alerts with an app on your phone so you can be sure to avoid any major traffic delays. If you must watch the news, only watch say five to ten minutes so you can get the gist of what the news of the day is but it isn’t too much time to make you stressed out.



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