My Top Ten Smells of Summer


  1. Freshly cut grass – There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass. In the spring it brings about hope that winter is over and nicer weather is coming. Towards the fall the smell reminds you that you’re sick of mowing your lawn and winter is coming.

  2. The combination of sunscreen/bug repellent– The combination gives one the assurance they can not only maintain their winter pale skin year round but also avoid being dinner to the onslaught of mosquitoes as the weather gets warmer.

  3. Aloe Vera gel- For those who forgot to put on their sunscreen, the soothing smell of aloe vera and the weird sensation it gives your burning hot skin almost, and I mean almost, makes it worth it to have that accidental sunburn.

  4. Backyard campfires- The sounds of crackling twigs burning down to nothing as well as the distinct smell of a roaring fire not confined in a fireplace.

  5. The overly strong chlorine smell at the local pool- Now we know that smell means someone probably went the bathroom in the pool or the staff were a little heavy handed in their chemical application but it’ll remain in your scent memory forever as the scent of pools.

  6. Fried foods at festivals/the fair- It gives the air a sort of heaviness to it like a grease-based fog that makes you feel bloated even if you don’t end up eating anything.

  7. Cold Watermelon on a hot day- Watermelon tastes even sweeter on the hottest days of summer. Its candy taste makes it the most effortless way to get everyone to eat fruit.

  8. The air after a bad rain storm-You feel comfort knowing you got through the storm and the fresh scent the storm left makes everything feel hopeful again.

  9. Citronella Candles- It feels more authentic coming from a tiki torch than a regular candle plus the torches made your backyard seem exotic.

  10. Charcoal briquettes- Charcoal gives the food a distinct flavor that propane just can’t replicate
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