A note on the Pandemic

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Times are scary right now and unfortunately the coronavirus has not only reached Iowa but is in Polk/Dallas county.  I know there’s such a large amount of confusion and fear in everyone about how long this will last and how bad it may get,  but we need to remember the basics during this time of what feels like everything is kind of left in the air about what to do and how to prevent things from getting worse.

First things first, PLEASE DON’T HOARD– I know buying the essentials gives you a feeling of comfort that you’ll at least be prepared for a worst-case scenario but when you buy more than you need, you’re keeping other people from having the opportunity to prepare for themselves. Grocery stores in the countries that have had lockdowns are still open so even if we are forced by the government to stay in our homes for a period of time, we still most likely will be able to get essentials from the grocery store.  Remember there are other families besides your own who need supplies and being greedy at a time like this will only hurt the community not help it. Think of the community not just your immediate family when buying any supplies.

Second- Practice social distancing. I still am having people get inches away from me even though there’s first of all no reason to do so and second of all we are supposed to be keeping at least three feet away from one another. Please don’t assume that since I or anyone else appears healthy that we’re not still carrying it. Treat everyone as if they have it and keep your distance to protect both yourself and everyone else. If you can touch me easily, you’re too close. Three feet or as much as you can in whatever situation you’re in.

Third- Get informed- this isn’t a Democrat hoax or something to take lightly- I don’t care how healthy you may be now, if you get it, you have no idea how hard it’s going to effect you and your family so don’t take the chance. Read up on what is happening world wide and locally. We can learn a lot from other countries in how they are dealing with it and do better or at least prevent it from being worse here. Websites to keep you informed are WHO       Centers for Disease Control and Prevention     Department of Health and Human Services

Lastly- Be a good person–  Practice Iowa nice in thinking of others during this time of craziness. I know it’s hard to think of others when you’re just trying to figure out how you’re going to make it through this but this is your chance to be a good person- stay home if you can and only go out if necessary. Give people space in public and don’t get into fights over toilet paper.  This too shall pass but your behavior during this time will remain in both your memory and the people you hurt/help during this time. Don’t act out of anger because you’re scared. Show kindness even when others don’t. Please just don’t get Des Moines on the news for acting like fools in the grocery store- it’s a bad look and do you really want to be on the news for such a horrible reason as that? Let’s get on the news for being helpful and compassionate. Let’s as a city and as the state of Iowa and as a united country show that we can handle a crisis with kindness.

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Help stop coronavirus
1- HANDS Wash them often
2 – ELBOW  Cough into it
3- FACE  Don’t touch it
4- FEET Stay more than 3ft apart
5-FEELsick? Stay home

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