Eight Stereotypes about Iowans


Iowa has some stereotypes about its residents even though a lot of them aren’t always true for most of us. The following are the most common stereotypes about those who call the state of Iowa home.

  1.  We’re all fat- This is kind of silly since America as a nation has an obesity problem so it’s hard to accept that Iowans are any larger than people from other states or even sadly people from most first world countries. Yes, we have plenty of access to pork and corn but that doesn’t mean everyone in the state has a weight problem.

  2. The state is mainly cornfields- No one is going to dispute Iowa is a leading exporter of corn but we have a lot of large or medium sized towns as well. We may have a lot of corn growing during a large part of the year but we do have more to offer than fields and fields of corn.

  3. We’re all farmers- Facebook and Microsoft have recently come to Des Moines so obviously we can’t all be farmers unless both of those companies are shipping in workers to work at their Iowa facilities. Agriculture is a large industry in the state but it’s not the only one. Renewable energy is becoming a fast growing industry in Iowa, in fact by 2019, Iowa will have the largest wind farm in the United States that will provide electricity to over 800,000 homes once it’s completed.

  4. We’re backwards in terms of technology and just in general- To answer the questions by those outside of Iowa: We do in fact have electricity, running water, indoor plumbing and even Apple stores.  Even if Iowa doesn’t have something, we’re close enough to Chicago and Kansas City to get whatever it is we’re missing. We may not be trendsetters or be on top of every trend going on in bigger cities but we’re also not 100 years in the past either.

  5. Everyone is a redneck- I have met rednecks in New York, Florida and California. Rednecks do not exclusively reside in Iowa but rather all over the country. Rednecks aren’t even exclusive to America. Canada has them and so does Europe though they have different names than redneck to describe them. Iowa may have a decent sized population of rednecks but we aren’t the only home to them either.

  6. Being the first Caucus in the nation means we’re all really political- We have our diehards in terms of people interested in politics but the majority of the state isn’t made up of political zealots. We care about issues especially if they directly effect us but we as a state aren’t obsessed with politics. We do like that ounce of power we have in being number one. We can all agree on that.

  7. The assumption everyone is “Iowa Nice”- We are more polite than a lot of other states but Iowa has it’s fair share of jerks just like every other state in the country. If you question this, go to any grocery store in Iowa at 5pm on a Friday night and see how “Iowa Nice” the people in line are to you.

  8. We aren’t open minded and progressive- Iowa was one of the first states in the country to make gay marriage legal. Click here to read about the Tinker case in Des Moines regarding free speech. Iowa was the second state to outlaw segregated schools. Iowa was also the second state to allow women to own property.  We may not be the first in these situations but at least we’re mighty quick to change laws to be more equal for everyone.

  9. There’s nothing to do here- There’s plenty of things to do in Iowa even if they pale in comparison to states like New York or California. Iowa held the March Madness for the first time last year in Des Moines. We have thousands of bike trails and 85 state parks. We’ve had major artists ranging from Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly to Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift.   Iowa isn’t a state known for it’s wild night life and plethora of excitement but we’re ok with that.  Our twenty minute commutes make it worth giving up a wild night life.


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