Top Ten Pizza Places in the Des Moines Area

20160622_175521Pizza, the food that can bring everyone together. The following are the best places to get it in Des Moines and the surrounding areas.

  1. Great Plains Pizza Sauce and Dough Company– Located in Ames, this is the top place to get fresh, homemade pizza. The thick crust is so thick they offer honey to dip it in. The kitschy decor only adds to the experience with their 70’s theme, and the pictures on the walls that look like they’d just as easily fit into  your grandparents house.

  2. Eatery A-located in downtown Des Moines, this is a fairly new restaurant. They have a wood fire oven to bake their pizzas in and it really adds a complex flavor to the pizzas while giving them both a chewy and crisp texture. Their happy hour is awesome since they have the pizzas for half prices from 3pm to 6pm so you can get double the pizza for the price you’d normally pay for one. Interesting toppings make this a spot to try something new and outside of the pizza box.

  3. The Chicken Coop-located in both Urbandale and West Des Moines and even a couple of spots in Nebraska, the drunk Italian is my favorite . It’s an insanely thick pizza with a thick layer of cheddar cheese on top- it’s similar to Chicago style but not as messy.  Their servers are very friendly and this a great spot to go to watch games with the walls of televisions at both of the Iowa locations.

  4. Paesano’s Pizzeria– a southside favorite, I’ve been going here since I was a kid.  Their crusts taste homemade and offer that right amount of crispiness that you’re seeking with a thin crust pizza. They pride themselves on using local ingredients and it shows in the freshness of the toppings.

  5. Pagliai’s Pizza– located in Johnston and in Grinnell, this place fills up with people very quickly once they open for the night so be sure to get their fairly early to avoid having to wait too long. Both locations have an open kitchen which allows you to watch the chefs stretch out the pizza dough as they make each pizza, further proving their food doesn’t come from a box.

  6. Bordenaro’s– located on the south side and a new location in the Drake area, they are more than generous with their toppings to the point that they’ll come toppling off if you don’t maneuver your pizza correctly or just use your fork to avoid the mess. Their crusts are crispy and chewy. This have been around for 39 years and for good reason.

  7. Fong’s Pizza– located in both it’s original spot downtown and also now in Ankeny, this is the most popular place I’ve heard out-of-towners rave about when they talk about the places they’ve eaten here. The crab Rangoon pizza is the most famous that out of towners always seem to flock to, but the Iowan and the Thai Chicken are worth a try as well.

  8. Michael’s Pizza– this is an underappreciated pizza spot in Beaverdale- they offer a cute setting and very quick service. Their sausage and beef are specially prepared by the B&B grocery on the south side and their dessert is from the nearby Beaverdale confection. It’s awesome to see local businesses working together to provide local food to customers.

  9. Bianchi Boys Pizza and Pasta-an Altoona favorite, their specialty pizzas are creative to say the least- they have a Reuben pizza as well as something called a Are you Kidding Me pizza featuring shell macaroni and cheese as a topping.  Be sure to get some of the custard next door after your meal or even order it with your pizza.

  10. Leaning Tower of Pizza–  this has been in Ankeny since the 1970’s, they are consistently excellent in both their pizza and their service. They use a stone deck oven to bake their pizzas which is considered the old fashioned way of making them. Their pasta dishes are also worth a try.

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