Top Seven Hopes for 2020

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2019 was pretty rough for everyone. The election left everyone happy it was over. We lost countless celebrities, often times by surprise. We as a nation faced many issues that previous generations never had to face. The following are my hopes for 2020.

  1. I hope we unite as a country- The election showed how divided our country has become or honestly how divided it’s always been. I hope with the new president that we can get past the issues we argued about during the election and focus on making America better for every one of its citizens. What we need to remember is we’re all American and we all need to stay focused on how we as a country can become better not spending all of our time and energy arguing over things that are minor issues.

  2. I hope more women go into politics- It’s so inspiring to see so many more women going into politics and having them represent their respective citizens. We need more diversity in politics and it’s such a great trend to see more and more women trying to get into office. We as a country need to take that next step and elect them into office though. We have made great strides lately but we need more women and people of color in positions of power in order to represent all people in this country.

  3. I hope distracted driving becomes less of an issue this year- Iowa had 1,090 car accidents in 2018 and state troopers blame the majority of them on distracted driving. Let’s put away the phones and make sure we are completely focused on our driving. No phone call or text is worth causing someone’s death over. Put the phone down and if you’re too tired to drive then ask someone else to drive you or get an Uber ride.

  4. I hope we can find a way to protect the environment- There’s been such an increase in caring about how our actions effect the environment and how we need to take care of the problem now so it doesn’t spiral out of control. I hope that in the next election, the winners will put more of an effort to protect the environment and find meaningful ways to fix the problems of pollution and poor air quality due to all of the various reasons. I hope we can leave this world better or at least not completely destroyed for the next generation.

  5. I hope we find a way to stop the global hacking issue- It’s scary to know that someone in a completely different country has access to our very personal information and can use it any way they want to. I hope we as a country can find a way to fight back against this so we can be assured that every time we use the internet we aren’t putting our private information at risk.

  6. I hope we find a way to make health care affordable for everyone- Trump is going to modify Obamacare but he needs to go after the insurance company more than anything. Why are we ok with insurance companies charging us astronomical amounts of money for basic care? We shouldn’t be forced to consider bankruptcy when we have a catastrophic illness such as cancer. We as a nation need to tell insurance companies our health is more important than their making billions of dollars worth of profit a year.

  7. Finally, I hope we can start being nicer to each other- If you go anywhere in America you’re going to run into people who have little to no regard of how they treat you. When did we as a nation stop being decent to each other? When did we stop caring about others feelings? Even children are being rude because they see the adults in their lives being rude so they’re led to believe this ok behavior. Everyone is facing hardship in their lives, some more than others, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat others badly because of what they’re facing.  Let’s stop being the ME nation and try being a WE nation.

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