6 Reasons to go to 80/35 this year

Zach Boyden-Holmes/Juice Fans saint for Wu Tang Clan on the second day of 80/35 Saturday, July 6, 2013.

80/35 is a yearly 2 day music festival held downtown Des Moines at the Western Gateway Park and it will be held on July 12-13th this year. With both free and paid stages, you’ll easily find something you’ll enjoy. The following are reasons for those who have never been to 80/35 to consider giving it a try.

  1. People Watching- It will truly be shocking to see so many types of people that are drawn to this festival. There’s former/current hippies, there’s electro music fans, men with ironic beards and men with just beards. This is the second best place in Des Moines behind the fair to people watch because you will truly see every type of person there. The fashions will vary from the every day nothing special to elaborate homemade outfits. Even if you don’t like the music, you will at least see interesting people.

  2. The Music- the 80/35 organizers really make an effort to bring in popular bands as well as those who aren’t as well known. This year has Elle King and Portugal the Man are scheduled to perform at the main stage.  Former acts to play at 80/35 include the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and Weezer. Each year has only gotten better with booking popular artists and as this event grows we’ll attract more and more of them. Click here for the full lineup for the various stages.

  3. Des Moines is showing we’re not a bunch of fuddy duddies- The festival brings in roughly 30,000 people to it each year. That’s helping Des Moines and Iowa be known to those outside of our state that we offer cultural events worth driving to Des Moines for. Let’s be honest, when you think of Des Moines, you don’t think of electro music or a music festival that would attract quite that many people. Festivals like this give Des Moines and Iowa something else to be known for besides being the first caucus state in the nation every 4 years.

  4. The festival is nearly 100% volunteer operated- What other large festival like this is completely run by volunteers who love music enough to work in the heat of July for free?  The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition organizes the event and is a 501(c)(3) non profit whose purpose is to bring more diverse live music to Des Moines. Everyone who is involved in organizing and running the event are doing this for the sheer love of both music and Des Moines.

  5. This year is focused on the experience. Usually there’s a theme for each year of the festival but it appears like this year the organizers are trying to focus more on the actual experience of 80/35 and really trying to make it memorable for those who attend.

  6. Mainstage tickets are cheap- A two day pass costs $90/per person. A single day pass costs just $50. Just to give an idea of how much nearby festivals are charging, the Basilica festival in Minneapolis charges $60 a night and $100 for both nights. The Eaux Claires Music and Arts festival charges $135/two day pass. We have as good if not the same performers as these festivals and they’re charging more to see them plus you have to worry about driving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and all of the expenses that go with a road trip.


For more information about 80/35, click here.




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