Top Eight Brunch Spots in Des Moines

20151005_084249Brunch is the meal that somehow makes eating a combination of breakfast and lunch an ok activity on the weekend and bonus points if they serve alcoholic drinks to make the meal all the more indulgent. The following are the best places to get brunch in and around Des Moines.

  1. Americana located on Locust Street, Americana is the place to take your out of town visitors to impress them with an awesome meal. Their brunch covers both the breakfast side with traditional items like cheesy hashbrowns and  omelettes while also offering a made to order grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a pricey brunch so expect to pay  $18 per person with coffee costing an additional $2.59 if you decide to go the non-alcoholic route. You can splurge and get the Bombshell Combo for $28 which includes the Bottomless Mimosa/Bloody Mary bar plus the buffet. Their brunch hours are 10am-2:30pm and Sundays 9:30am-2:30pm.

  2. Centrolocated on Locust Street, Centro made my top lunch places- click here– but this is probably the best French toast in all of Des Moines. From 11am-3pm on Saturdays and 10am-3pm on Sundays, you can get my favorite Stuffed French toast which uses Challah bread stuffed with whipped vanilla mascarpone cheese and topped with fresh strawberries. They have a bloody mary bar with interesting toppings such as pepperoni and pickles.

  3. Star Barlocated on Ingersoll Ave, I’ve recommended this for the best Patio top ten- check it out here– but I really like Star Bar more for their food though their patio is obviously worth mentioning as well. Their Brunch is 9am-2pm on both Saturday and Sunday and offers both breakfast items and a limited lunch menu. The breakfast items are very hearty and are priced reasonably with the most expensive item being a Shrimp & Cheese Grits with two eggs for $11.99. The Cuban Sandwich is a great lunch pick with roast pork, ham and swiss cheese.

  4. Gilroy’slocated on 8th Street in West Des Moines in the former home of Jimmy’s American Café, Gilroy’s is excellent at making classic American comfort food and their brunch really highlights their talents. Brunch is served 7am to 2pm daily. The chicken and waffles comes with hearty Belgian waffles with a side of a light apple compote and freshly fried chicken strips that are crispy but not too crispy like some restaurants. Their Southwestern Omelet is incredibly filling with a generous filling of spicy pork, black beans, corn, onions and cheese. Their coffee is just as good as their food though they seem to never give you more than a cup and a half.

  5. Eatery Alocated on Ingersoll Avenue, Eatery A gives you from Friday to Sunday to try their brunch menu from 10am to 3pm. The Adobo Fried chicken is a crispy and is served with grilled pineapple. Their Mustard Braised Pork Shoulder comes with poached eggs, bearnaise and pecans for $14.50. Try and get a spot on the patio when the weather is nice though it’ll get full quickly.

  6. University Library Cafelocated in the Drake area, the University Library may be best known for their nachos but their brunch is also worth mentioning. Served from 8am-2pm, they offer breakfast nachos for those who simply must eat the house specialty that are served with eggs, bacon, sausage and green peppers and covered with Monterey cheese sauce. They also have a hangover hash which is a great meal for those still recovering from a wild night out that is a giant serving of French fries topped with salsa, country gravy and two eggs. Great place for those in college and for those who want to eat like they’re still in college.

  7. Jethro’slocated at their first location on Forest Avenue in the Drake area, Jethro’s brunch is every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-2pm and it’s just as filling as their lunch and dinner offerings. The Bulldog 4 egg omelet comes with Texas brisket, sautéed onions and peppers and is covered with aged cheddar cheese. If you’re particularly hungry, you can order the Oink for $19.99 served with 16 extra large eggs folded with a pound of smoked pit ham and covered with American and white cheddar cheese sauces.

  8. Malolocated on Mulberry, they have an all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet from 10am to 2pm. You can get made to order burritos, all you can eat tacos and more traditional brunch items like omelets and chicken and waffles and more items for just 16.99.  This is a good spot to get your Mexican food fix while also having the option to have breakfast foods too.
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