Top Ten Signs You’re from the West Side

  1.  You’re wearing North Face right now and it’s most likely their black jacket.
  2. You drive as aggressively as possible no matter where you’re going- it could be to somewhere important but who are we fooling, you’re probably just going to the mall.
  3. Said car is probably an SUV that’s big enough to seat 12 people comfortably for your family of 3.
  4. You believe the sidewalks are for you and you alone. You will not bend to social norms of moving to the side as other people try to also use the space with you.The other people who have the audacity to try to use your sidewalk better get moving to the street or you’ll slowly but surely push them that direction.
  5. You treat shopping carts and baby strollers like battering rams.
  6. You most likely work at Wells Fargo.
  7. You remember when Waukee was a small town.
  8. You think people trying to cross the street when you’re driving are something to hit rather than wait for.
  9. You love chain restaurants and you’re more than willing to wait up to an hour to eat fresh from-the-freezer food but pride yourself on shopping at Whole Foods.
  10. You will take this list entirely too seriously.


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