Top Ten Reasons to Go to the Extreme Sunday at the Iowa State Fair



  1. Admission is half price for the entire day.  Admission is half off Monday through Thursday after 5pm but who wants to be limited to just a handful of hours to enjoy the fair? Extreme Sunday gives you a full day to know you didn’t pay full price to get through the gates.

  2. The lines will be a bit shorter since everyone who is hard core about the fair are going to be burnt out by the last day. Most of the campers are also on their way back home so there’s less people overall on the grounds.

  3. Here Come the Mummies, an 8-piece funk rock band  of 5,000 year old mummies will be playing at the Bud Light stage. They’ve played at Summerfest and various other festivals as well as having opened for Al Green. Pretty impressive they can keep such an active schedule considering their age.

  4. If you’re wanting to splurge on a more well known musical group, Florida Georgia Line will be the Grandstand show at 8pm. Tickets start at $70 and you will have to pay for admission in addition to the concert tickets.

  5. Fitness on the Hill will be offered at 9:30am for those wanting to get in some Zumba to be proactive about the calories they’ll be consuming after their workout session.

  6. Avenue of Motorcycles gives you an up close view of motorcycles that range in style and age. Everything from a basic motorcycle to bikes that rival tricked out cars.

  7. The Grandfather’s Barn will be offering multiple grape stomp events if you ever had the urge to try out what the feeling of hundreds of grapes under your feet feels like.

  8. See the new Thrill Ville ride area that will feature jaw dropping rides while still keeping a family friendly atmosphere. New wristbands makes getting on the rides much faster and easier than having to deal with buying individual tickets.

  9. This is your last chance to try the new fair foods this year or to partake in an unhealthy amount of fried food/food on sticks.

  10. You’ll have to wait a full year for the fair to return so you might as well get in one last day of it. You’ll get 365 days to recover from everything you ate and all of the walking you’ll do there.


For the full schedule of events on Extreme Sunday, click here. For a list of foods to try while you’re at the fair, click here.


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