Top Seven Things to do with Dad on Father’s Day


Most father’s will want to do more on their annual day than being stuck in a busy restaurant.  The following are some ideas of how to get some quality time in with your dad on his big day, which this year falls on June 17th.

  1. See the TemptationsTake your dad out the night before Father’s day to see the band who sang such hits as “My Girl”, “Ain’t too proud to Beg”, and many others. Though this may not be your idea of a fun concert, the Temptations have been performing for over 50 years so its safe to assume you’ll leave the concert humming a couple of their songs for a few days afterwards. Tickets are limited and start at $49.50.

  2. Spend the afternoon at Sleepy Hollow–  If your dad would rather practice his baseball swing than watch a baseball game, take him to Sleepy Hollow. Besides a batting cage that offers both slow and fast options, there’s go-karts, bumper boats and a golf driving range. Hours are from noon to 8pm so he’ll have plenty of time to have some active fun.

  3. Have an adventure at Adventureland Test your dad’s mettle by seeing if and how many times he’ll ride the new Monster roller coaster or the Space Shot. Load up on fried foods and sugary lemonade and then end your day on the Ferris Wheel trying to come down from your sugar high and all of the spinny rides you went on. Hours are 10am-7pm.

  4. Golf at Waveland Golf Course–  For $20 for nine holes without a cart or $32 with a cart, you and your dad can perfect your golf swing at one of the oldest golf courses in Des Moines.  Be sure to stop by Fat Joe’s for lunch  Waveland even offers the option of booking your tee time online so try to book online before heading out to avoid any problems of getting in.

  5. Go fishing at Lake Ahquabi Located in Indianola, Lake Ahquabi has a beautiful stone lodge to have a picnic lunch at. The lake is an awesome spot to lay out on the beach, go fishing either from the shore or on a boat, and there’s a 6 1/2 mile trail to explore.  Get some ice cream at the Outside Scoop before you head back home.

  6. Do a Beer Tasting Des Moines has multiple breweries to choose from so you’re not limited to just one or two choices. Confluence has one of the nicest taprooms in the area with a dock that offers great views of downtown and plenty of seating. Get a taster of whatever beers interest you and then take home a growler of your favorite. Once you know what dad likes, you’ll have a future gift idea that’s sure to be a hit.

  7. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Spend the day as a family helping another family realize their dreams of owning their own home.  Even if you or dad aren’t handy with power tools, you’ll be able to help those less fortunate than you and you may pick up some new skills in the process.


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