Top Ten stands at the Des Moines Farmers Market

20160521_084831The Des Moines Farmer’s Market has made numerous national best of lists. The following are the best stands to hit while you’re there.


  1. Farm Boy’s Hearty Food Company– even if you get to the Market early, there will most likely be a line. They offer very cheap coffee as well as breakfast bowls and breakfast burritos made to your liking in a assembly line style line. They offer folding chair seating in front of their stand so try and claim a seat before you get in that long line.

  2. Vander Ploeg Bakery- based out of Pella, this stand offers all of the Vander Ploeg treats without the long drive. Load up on their famous Dutch Letters or any number of the treats they offer. It’s a shame they don’t setup a permanent store in Des Moines- though it’s probably good for waistlines.

  3. Ali Family Garden- this stand offers a wide variety of fresh produce. They are very helpful with any questions you may have and offer suggestions with how to use the vegetables in new ways.

  4. Iowa Orchard- this is the go to stand in the late summer/early fall to load up on fresh apples and apple related products like cider. They offer plenty of options the rest of the year with wonderful pies and Missouri peaches.

  5. Jasper Winery- they’re very generous with wine samples at Jasper Winery. The wines are all great and this is coming from a non-wine drinker. The Bed Head red is a personal favorite with black cherry and a hint of vanilla.

  6. Kountry Design- a wonderful place to find a gift for the hard to buy for person in your life. They sell handcrafted pillows, aprons and painted signs with a country charm that can’t be found in the big box stores.

  7. Maytag Dairy Farms- they offer Newton’s famous Maytag blue cheese as well as a plenty of other equally great tasting cheese varieties to choose from including their sharp cheddar.

  8. Stam Greenhouse- they have a huge variety of perennials as well as hanging baskets and even bonsai. These will make a great addition to your flower beds or in pots to liven up your front door.

  9. Iowa Coffee- this is the best place to get fresh brewed coffee at the Market. Their specialty drinks are reasonably priced and expertly made. Take home some of their coffee beans to help you get your fix during the week.

  10. Blue Gate Farm- if you’re wanting organic produce, this is the best stand to get certified organic vegetables and fruits. They also sell homemade jams and herb syrups.
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