Top Ten Running Events in Des Moines



Running has gained popularity in the past few years and appears to be a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. The following are the best races in Des Moines this summer.

  1. Dam to Dam– Held in downtown Des Moines, this half marathon will be held June 2, 2018. This will be the last year of this race so make a point of trying to race in it. The race starts at Saylorville Dam and finishes at 13th and Grand. The race takes participants through both the countryside and downtown Des Moines with water stations provided every 2 miles. Registration opens March 14 at 6am. No registrations will be accepted after May 31st or after the race limit is reached of 9,000 entries. The entry fee is $40 for the first 5,000 and is either $45 if you are within the next group of 2,000 entries or $50 if you’re in the last group of entries

  2. The IMT Des Moines Marathon– Held on October 21 2018, this race offers both a half marathon and a marathon, both start and finish at Cowles Common across the street from the Civic Center. These races will have you running through both Water Works Park and Gray’s Lake. This race usually has around 8,500 participants so you’ll have plenty of company while you race. The entry fee varies based on when you register so the earlier you do it, the cheaper it’ll be.

  3. The Color Run 5KDate TBDGuaranteed to be the most colorful race you’ll ever participate in, this 5k race will have the race date announced soon. The race starts at the State Capital and with each completed kilometer, participants are doused with a different color from head to toe. The dye is mostly washable but they do recommend you wear clothes that you don’t care too much about in case the dye doesn’t come completely out. The race has 3 levels of entry fees from Classic with is the most basic for $34.99, the Classic Plus, $42.99 which has the added benefit of being mailed to your house and the Deluxe, $54.99 that offers a trucker hat and sunglasses in addition to your entry/participant kit.

  4. Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon 5kMay 6 2018- This race starts at 8am so you might want to consider investing in a couple of alarms to make sure you don’t miss it.  There’s three different races to choose from- the half marathon, the team relay and the 5k.  This race is a great introduction to marathons for women who have been interested in them but found them to be too intimidating to enter. This is a very empowering event for everyone who participates and it’ll hopefully encourage future races in both this and other events.

  5. Sleepy Hollow Beer Run– Held at Sleepy Hollow, near the Iowa State Fairgrounds on July 14th 2018, this is a perfect marriage of drinking beer and running while raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. 20 beer stations offer a chance to complete a game or obstacle before moving on to the next. The 300 foot Slip N’ Slide is both entertaining to watch people go down and a once in a lifetime experience.  Registration costs vary per month so be sure to check out their website to get the best price.  Tickets go on sale starting March 1st but the race date itself hasn’t been announced yet.

  6. Clive Running FestivalClive’s annual Running Festival hasn’t had a date announced yet but they’re saying a tentative schedule of July 19-21 and will offer 5k and 10k races on the Clive Greenbelt Trail. Proceeds are used for trail improvements such as drinking fountains. The 5K and the 10K registration costs $25 for early registration and $35 after 6/1/18.  This is a great race that supports a local trail that is very beloved by those who use it year round.

  7. Komen Race for the Cure-This annual race hasn’t announced the 2018 date but is usually in early October, is probably one of the most popular national races. The Des Moines branch of this race will start at the state capital where you’ll see a flood of pink clothing and items so you’ll definitely know you’re in the correct area. All funds raised go towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Registration gives different prices based on if you want them mailed or pickup option and if you’re wanting to participate in the timed or untimed race.

  8.  Windsor Heights Annual Mini-Marathon-Windsor Heights has held their marathon for 35 years this year, being held on May 20. They offer both a 5k and a 10k course to compete in in their beautiful Colby park. Pancakes are served by the Windsor Heights Fire Department after the race and there’s even a free children’s fun run.  The 5k run/walk has a $25 registration and the 10k is $35 to register-all who are registered receive a ticket for free pancakes so don’t worry about finding breakfast before the race.

  9. Race For Hopethis race starts at Water Works Park on May 12th 2018. The race was inspired in 2012 by 14 year old Nicholas Lovan, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and decided to bring Race For Hope 5K, held during the Brain Tumor awareness month of May, to Des Moines after participating in the Washington, D.C. race.  Registration costs $35 through April 29th for the 5K with it going up incrementally until race day and the 10k costs $45 through April 29th and also going up in cost until race day.

  10. Des Moines Turkey Trot–  For those people who hate the idea of not burning off all of the calories they ate/plan to eat during Thanksgiving, the Des Moines Turkey Trot is the ideal race to burn off that excess energy and a perfect excuse to escape your middling in-laws. They offer a 5 mile race, a 5k race and a tot trot for children ages 6 years and under.  Registration fees are cheapest in July so be sure to sign up early to keep it affordable.  The race goes through the heart of downtown Des Moines so if you have out of state visitors this is a great way to show them the city and exact a little passive aggressive revenge at the same time.


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