Top Seven Places to get Dessert in Des Moines


Dessert is arguably the most important part of any meal. The following are the best places in Des Moines to indulge your sweet tooth/(or teeth for some of us).

  1. Main Street CaféLocated in Ankeny, this cafe puts their treats front and center to tempt you as soon as you walk through their doors. Their cakes come in huge slices and are both moist and flavorful.  They also offer an assortment of cupcakes, cake balls, and cookies and bars. They even offer quite the choice of gluten sensitive offerings that many local restaurants don’t provide for those seeking gluten free products.

  2. Strudl HausStrudl Haus is a smaller establishment on Indianola Avenue downtown but it’s well worth it to make a stop here. They specialize in authentic central European food. Their display case is also right next to the door so you’ll definitely want to pick out your dessert before you sit down.  They offer everything from cakes and pastries to Dutch Letters and torts. The staff and the cozy-ness of the restaurant will make you forget you’re in Iowa for a little while.

  3. Crème CaféI recommended this cupcake spot in my bachelorette party list, but even if you aren’t celebrating an upcoming wedding, this cupcake place is an awesome choice for dessert. Their cakes are just right in size and sweetness so you won’t feel like it’s overloaded with sugar and won’t be intimated by it’s size. Flavors change seasonally but they do have a full list of excellent regular choices as well.

  4.  Tursi’s Latin King– They are known for their strawberry shortcake (which is worth a mention) but that’s a seasonal choice that can be tricky to get once the season is over so go for the Tartufo if you’re wanting a chocolate treat that is both decadent but in a perfect size serving.  It’s a serving of raspberry gelato that’s covered in a chocolate shell and drizzled with raspberry sauce.  This is a wonderful way to end your dinner here without making you feel like you overdid it once you get home.

  5. Machine ShedLocated in Urbandale, Machine Shed is famous for their giant homemade cinnamon buns. They are large enough to share though honestly it’s better to just keep it all to yourself. They come with a generous amount of freshly made gooey frosting and they have just the right amount of cinnamon to give them flavor but it’s not too overwhelming either. They do have other dessert options for those who want a more traditional dessert but the cinnamon buns are your best bet.

  6. Drake Diner–  The Drake Diner is well known for their milkshakes but their homemade pies rival those made by your favorite grandmother. You can really taste the fresh ingredients and the care they put into make their crusts flaky. Be sure to get your pie served ala mode to make it extra indulgent. Their devil’s food cake is perfect for the chocolate lover and comes in a huge portion if you’re not in the mood for pie.

  7. Maxie’sIf you’re craving cake for your dessert, Maxie’s is probably your best option. They have a choice for every taste including a coconut cake, a carrot cake, a chocolate thunder cake and even a homemade strawberry shortcake. All of their cakes are moist and the frostings on all of them taste freshly made. This is definitely a great spot for those with one particular type of dessert craving.


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