Ten more YouTube channels worth your time

YouTube has a seemingly endless amount of content, this includes a massive amount of average and bad content.  Here are some of the channels I believe to be a cut above.

Sesame street – Clips from the popular children’s shows.

You tube help – Most people are unaware that youtube has a help channel.  If you are having trouble with YouTube, check it out.

Honest movie trailers – Movie trailers that accurately describe the picture in a funny way.

Epic Rap battles – Rap battles between historical and political figures.

Paramount pictures – Updates from Paramount, and trailers for upcoming movies.

Timeless classic movies – Old movies in their entirety.

Relaxing white noise – If you are having trouble sleeping this is the channel for you.

JunsKitchen – Junskitchen guides you through the arts of the kitchen, while two cats watch and purr.

Every frame a painting – This channel the how and why films are made.  Think film school in layman’s terms.

Bright Sun films – This channel mostly covers abandoned buildings or structures, and the story behind them.




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