Nine political podcasts worth your time

Planet Money – Planet Money covers mostly economics in a pretty much non partisan way.  Economics are seemingly intertwined forever with politics, and Planet Money is a good place to learn the basics from real world examples.

Pod Save America – Four of former president Obamas aides started Crooked media and have an insight into what is going on politically that most don’t.  They also put out quite a bit of content, and have many guests from past and present politics.  They also have a couple more podcasts if you are looking for more content Pod save the world, and Lovett or leave it.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Dan Carlin is one of the better known podcasters out there with his ever popular “Hardcore History”.  Common Sense is a little less known but is an excellent listen with a smooth delivery and lots of stats.

Left, Right, Center – Three panelists are invited to discuss todays issues.  As the name indicates one represents the left, one represents the right, and one represents the center, and one represents the right.  If your goal is go get all sides of an issue, I think Left, Right, Center would be a great pick.

The Ben Shapiro show – Ben Shapiro presents his takes on the politics of the day in his rapid fire delivery.  Ben doesn’t pull at punches and is very well versed on most issues.

Vox’s The Weeds -Vox is famous for “explaining the news” and the weeds does the similar job of trying the explain politics.  The current events are discussed and explained.

Can he do that? – Can he do that? is brought to us by the Washington Post.  As you might imagine this podcast hasn’t been around too long.  This podcast looks at each of President Trumps actions and asks….Can he do that?

Abe Lincolns Top Hat – Abe Lincolns Top hat is political wing of a family of podcasts loosely hosted by several people. (they also produce, Last podcast on the left) This podcast is good for a look at politics from several viewpoints and knowledge levels. Top hat also tries to keep things a little lighter by cracking jokes throughout.

Chapo’s Trap house – Chapo’s Trap house ranges from parody to serious explanation of issues.  The beginning of each episode is usually a fake call from a political figure, which can be very funny.

Looking for more podcasts suggestions? Click here.


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  1. everydayeconomix says:

    I currently listen to Planet Money, and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for sharing the other 8 podcasts on your list, I will totally try them out.

    Please could you check out my new blog ( – your feedback/comments would mean a lot to me.

    Thanks again and have a great day,


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