Eight storytellers you should check out

TopTen DesMoines

Edgar_Oliver_star_of_Helen__Edgar_at_Theater_80.__-_PY8pQ.jpg.644x3240_q100 Edgar Oliver at the Moth/Photo source

1.Edgar Oliver – Edgar Oliver speaks in such a way he would make reading the ingredient list on a muffin box interesting. If I had to describe his voice in one word I suppose it would be Transylvanian.  He has a slow delivery and pauses at odd times, but his voice adds so much he is a must listen.  Mr. Oliver has been featured on the show “Oddities”, and is active in theater in the New York area.  One of my favorite stories is Apron strings of Savannah.  Click here for the moth link.

2.Garrison Keillor – Garrison Keillor has recently retired from Prairie Home Companion, but luckily for us there is a backlog of episodes for you to listen to. My favorite part of Prairie Home was the news from Lake Wobegon which I can only describe as home spun stories from…

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