Ten Youtube clips from Des Moines past


Des Moines River 1993 flood – The C-span account of the 1993 flooding in Des Moines.

Bamies Restaurant – The story of Bamies restaurant, and its unique owner.

Downtown Ymca building imploded – The 2015 implosion of the Ymca building in downtown Des Moines.

The history of the Salisbury house –  A video explaining the history of the Weeks family and the Salisbury house.

Riverview Park – Some old footage from Riverview park (an amusement park) on the Northside of Des Moines.

Iowa state Fair 1938 Daredevils – Footage of some stunts from the 1938 Iowa state fair including a head to head train collision.

Tornado Roller coaster review – The Theme Park Review guys film a ride on the Tornado in Adventure land Park and review it.

Des Moines tribute Drone view – A nice drone video giving an aerial view of the city.

Des Moines Cops edition – Des Moines Cops edition.  Kevin Martin chases motorcycle and gets a flat tire on a railroad crossing.

December 9th 2009 Time Lapse blizzard video – Des Moines received 16 inches of snow on December 9th 2009.  This video shows the snow and the cleanup.

Interested in a few more youtube suggestions? Click here.

Want a little more Des Moines history? Click here.

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