Ten Youtube channels worth your time

Youtube seems to have a little bit of something for everyone if you are willing to dig a bit.  There are many talented people out there making quality content in subjects ranging from travel, comedy, politics, and history.  This by no means is a complete list of all the worthwhile channels I have found in my explorations, and I will soon have a few more lists of recommended channels.

Lemmino – Lemmino is in my opinion one of the most well produced channels on youtube.  This channel comes from Sweden and is calming, inventive, and very informative.  One of my favorite videos is the Artificial Intelligence video.

Yestervid – Short videos and clips from the past usually the long ago past, with a few history lessons thrown in.  If you are a history buff, or just curious this is a nice channel for all ages.

Dude Perfect – Perfectly timed stunts filmed in beautiful locales in slow motion when necessary.  What’s not to like?

Theme Park review – Thousands of videos of roller coasters from around the country and world.  This channel is a nice resource is you are planning a road trip this summer that includes an amusement park.

The Richest – Light hearted top ten lists from around pop culture galore are found here.

School of Life – This channel offers up some theories on why we do what we do, and possibly some answers on how to improve your everyday life.

Tom Scott – Tom explains some of the more unusual things throughout history up to the present day.

The Slow Mo guys – Blowing stuff up, hitting people in the face with soccer balls, and exploding airbags, what could be more fun?  Everything is filmed with a camera that captures 1000 frames per second.

Allen Palin – If you are a fan of Bill Burr you will love this channel.  Funny selected audio clips from his Monday morning podcast are added to the video that he is talking about.  This channel has language and might not be suitable for some people.

Dark 5 – Just like the name indicates this is a rather dark channel, and not suitable for children.  If you however like to explore the macabre, this is the perfect channel for you.  Only text is shown over photos explaining the story, while creepy music drones on.

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