Top Ten Inexpensive and Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day to spoil your loved ones. The following are some suggestions to show how much they mean to you.


  1. Vintage Record Coasters– These can be a double gift since the person receiving them will enjoy having a set of five, one of a kind silicone record coasters that come with various inspirational quotes and they’ll also be a gift to the person/people in the household who are sick of rings left by glasses on their woodwork.

  2.   Fred & Friends Bear Hands Oven Mitts– For the cook in your life who also has a sense of humor, these bear mitts are a fun take on baking mitts.  They’re made of a durable insulated cotton and heat resistant silicone. Set of two makes it easy to take heavier pans out of the oven with ease.

  3. Insulated Tote, SmallDesktop Cornhold Bean Bag GameA great gift for the person who finds their job a little lackluster, this bean bag game can easily fit on their desk or hidden away safely from their boss in a drawer. It comes with four bags so they can play alone or invite their co-workers for a friendly competition.

  4.  Fred & Friends Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser– The tea lover in your life will love this sloth shaped tea infuser the next time they make their favorite brew. Made from a heat resistant silicone, the figure hangs perfectly from their mug and is easy to clean once they’re finished. The sloth’s sweet face is sure to brighten their day.

  5. Set of 2 Luggage ID Tags Funny Not Your Bag and Don't Even Think About It  Set of 2 Luggage ID Tags Make the process of identifying their bag in a sea of like colored luggage with these funny id tags. A slot in the back lets them fill out their personal information in case the bag is misplaced.

  6. Star Wars Chewbacca Men's Slide-On Plush Slippers, Large        Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Slippers     This is a wonderful gift for the Star Wars fan who also needs to keep their feet toasty. Comes in both women’s and Men’s sizes. This is the next best thing to having the real Chewbacca in your home.

  7.               14 -in-1 Hammer Tool-  This tool is pretty much guaranteed to be used on a daily if not weekly basis. Saves space by having everything in one tool and also an easy way to keep your tools handy in case of an emergency.

  8. Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas For Men & Women Handsome Man Reading Glasses Stand Spectacle Stand or Eye Glass Holder Wooden Readerest Tabeltop Display Stand 6 Inches Fun Birthday Gifts For Him & Her        Reading Glasses Stand  A fun place to put your glasses to make sure you always know where you left them and also a cute way to show them off. Made from a Rosewood grain, this stand is easy to clean off and is a perfect addition to their nightstand or desk.

  9.    NPW Winter Warmer Heart Fair Isle Sweater over Hot Water Bottle 750ml Fair Isle Sweater Hot Water Heating Pad For those extra cold nights or when you need to soothe tired muscles, this water heating pad comes with a removable Fair Isle sweater cover to make it extra cozy.

  10.  Sungale 3.5 Inch Digital Frame- Earn extra points by putting their favorite pictures of the two of you together when you give this gorgeous digital frame to them on Valentine’s Day.  This would make a great addition to their work desk or proudly displayed at home.


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