The Music Concerts we are looking forward to in 2017

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – One of the stalwarts of the country music scene for the last few decades this power couple tours together and sells out concert venues around the world.  Tim and Faith play Wells Fargo Arena June 10th. A couple of my favorite songs are Mississippi Girl, and Indian outlaw.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers – One of my favorite bands growing up, most of their hits were from 1995 to 2005.  They are known for their energetic live performances.  The Chili Peppers play Wells Fargo Arena May 23rd.  A few of my favorite songs are Give it away, and Under the bridge.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Tom Petty keeps the old school rock candle lit, while touring year after year cranking out his many hits.  Some of my favorite Tom Petty songs are You don’t know how it feels, Mary Jane’s Last Dance. Tom plays Wells Fargo Arena June 5th.  As a bonus, rock legend Joe Walsh is touring with Tom as well.

Alabama – Alabama ruled country music during the eighties.   Alabama has a quite a few hits including Mountain Music, Angels among us, Feels so right.  You can see them August 17th at the Iowa State Fair.

Green Day – If you haven’t seen this iconic punk/pop group threesome yet, maybe this year is the year.  Green Day has won the Grammy for best Rock album twice (2005, 2010). Green Day will be playing Wells Fargo Arena April 3rd.

Neil Diamond – If you have ever sang along to Sweet Caroline at an Iowa State Cyclone football game you are singing along to a Neil Diamond song.  In looking at his catalog of songs its kind of amazing the volume of hits he has put out since the 1960’s.  Mr. Diamond will be playing May 21st at Wells Fargo Arena.

Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips put on one of the best live shows around.  Their performance at the inaugural 80/35 festival was ranked as one of the best concerts of the decade.  Do you realize??, and The W.A.N.D. are a couple of my favorite songs.  The Flaming Lips play the Hoyt Sherman Place on April 22.

The Drop Kick Murphy’s – This raucous Boston Irish band is known for their mix of punk and Irish style music and has been featured on the movie “The Departed“.  They will be playing 7 flags event Center in Clive with the Interrupters February 24th.

There are quite a few more artists visiting Des Moines this year.   If you click on the links above for the venues, you can explore more concerts to attend.  Another thing to consider is the Hinterland and 80/35 festivals that have not announced their lineups as of yet.

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