My Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2016

Podcasts have proliferated into a seemingly endless menagerie of stories, historical information, and analysis of past and current affairs.  Here are a few of my favorite episodes from 2016.  Although I do listen to quite a few podcasts that have a continuing storyline, I will try to concentrate on episodes that stand alone here.

1. Who was Wayne?Reply All. A photo is posted to a message board and the internet does what it does best.

2. Americas worst lottery winnerThe Dollop.  Maybe money doesn’t always buy happiness in this riches to rags story.

3. What if you had always wanted a different mother?  –  This is Actually Happening.  A Woman talks about her struggle to get along with her mother.

4. The Weepy voiced KillerCasefile. The story of the weepy voiced killer from Minneapolis is retold.

5. Russian cowboysPlanet Money.  A cowboy from the American west goes to Russia and tries to turn the local Russians into working cowboys.

6. The Bone WarsThe Conspirators.  Two paleontologists engage in a lifelong fight of territory, prestige, discovery, and naming of new dinosaurs.

7. The Orange Snap Judgement.  An old man boards a bus in Los Angeles and talks about an orange.

8. Flip the script Invisiblia.  Non complementary behavior examined.

9. Tarrare, A case of polyphagiaStuff you missed in history class.  A rare case of polyphagia (insatiable hunger) is examined.

10. Mcmansion Hell99% invisible. The foibles of modern  McMansion architecture are discussed.

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