Ten Scary Podcasts for Halloween


1. Limetown – Ten years ago Limetown completely disappeared.  The government swept in that night and sealed off the area, a couple of weeks later the town is opened up and found to be abandoned.  Despite massive media interest initially, there are few answers.  Ten years after the fact a reporter investigates and starts to get some answers.  Lime town isn’t vulgar and would be appropriate for most.

2. Last podcast on the left – WARNING!  Last podcast on the left is not for everyone.  This podcast is vulgar and can be extremely dark.   This being said it is also well worth a listen if you can stomach it.  Some of the worst serial killers are covered, along with conspiracies.  Last podcast has a massive backlog so you will have plenty to listen to.

3.The Black Tapes – The Black Tapes is a serialized podcast about an investigation into a ghost sighting, very simply put.  This podcasts does get intense at time, so keep that in mind if you have children listening.  The Black tapes have a backlog of about twenty episodes and is still ongoing.

4. Lore – Lore is being made into a television show, and for good reason.  Aaron Menke uses sound effects and music expertly to create stories that would be excellent to play around a campfire at night.  Lore specializes in creepy stories from history, so you will get a history lesson as well.  Lore has a backlog of around forty episodes.

5.Strange Podcast – In Strange Podcast episodes are bite sized coming in around fifteen minutes each.  These are good for light listening or when you have a small amount of time.  The episodes should be appropriate for most and are not vulgar.  Each episode covers a new subject, and there is a backlog of about fifteen episodes.

6. The Message – The message is a serialized podcast with a backlog of nine episodes.  This one would be great for a road trip, or a free afternoon.  It is well acted and has a twisted conclusion.  The message would be suitable for most people and doesn’t have much if any vulgarity.

7. Unexplained – Strange happenings, monsters, and the occult are discussed in a calm even voice in this podcast from the UK.  Each episode covers a new subject, and has a backlog of around fifteen episodes.

8. Strange Matters podcast – As you can imagine, strange matters are discussed on this podcast.  Facts for each incident are discussed, along with theories.  Everything from the Chupacabra to the Dyotlov incident are discussed.  Each episode has its own subject, and there is a backlog of about thirty episodes.

9. Here there be monsters – Almost exclusively the Here there be monsters podcast relies on listener submitted stories.  This is good for a couple of reasons, the stories are original. and you most likely have never heard of them.  Listen and you can decide what is bogus and what is true.  Here there be monster has a backlog of about fifteen episodes.

10. A New Winter – This podcast is based in the UK and is a serialized account of murders that occurred in the year 2000.  The episodes are short (around 15 minutes) and usually have a nice cliffhanger leaving you wanting more.  This podcast skews a little more towards a thriller than scary, and is worth a try.

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