Top Four Wedding Cake bakeries


Your wedding cake is one more decision to make during the wedding planning process though one of the best ones to make too. The following are the best locally owned bakeries in Des Moines to buy your special treat.

  1. The Bake Shoppe-Located 6611 University Avenue in Valley Junction, the Bake Shoppe is home to the infamous champagne cake so if you’re wanting this Des Moines favorite, this is the best bakery to get it. Other specialty flavors include Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Black Forest, Grand Marnier and Strawberry Banana whipped cream. Their cakes can feed as few as 4 people and up to 100. They have a long history of putting a great deal of time and effort into making their wedding cakes both beautiful and delicious and will work with you to create the cake of your dreams.

  2. Crème-Located at 543 28th Street in Des Moines, Crème had a single order of 2,100 desserts for the Vice President of China so you can be rest assured that they know how to handle large orders if your wedding is on the larger side. Creme’s wedding cakes are in all of their gourmet cupcake flavors so this is the perfect bakery to go to when you want something decadent. Caramel Pretzel is my favorite cupcake flavor and would highly recommend this for a wedding cake.  Crème was featured on my Bachelorette Party ideas so if you’re wanting ideas of how to spend your bachelorette party besides going to Vegas check out that article.

  3. Let Them Eat CakeLocated at 405 Maple Street in Valley Junction, Let Them Eat cake was started by a former banking professional who wanted to follow his dreams of owning a bakery.  The owner truly cares about making sure that the cakes he creates are the best for the couple and are exactly what they envision.  The flavors aren’t as extensive as the other bakeries but they’re carefully chosen to appeal to everyone. They do request you order your cake at least 6 months before your wedding and up to a year before your wedding if you’re planning on getting married during peak season.

  4. Della DolceLocated at 1312 Locust Street, Della Dolce started in Clive in 2013 and specializes in small batches made from scratch baking. Wedding cakes start at $3.50 per person in pricing and flavors include chocolate, vanilla, Italian almond, Red Velvet and Lemon. This bakery would be a great option for those who want to include other baked goods like homemade cookies, Italian favorites like cannolis and even pies in flavors like peanut butter cup and mixed berry



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