Eight storytellers you should check out

Edgar Oliver at the Moth/Photo source

1.Edgar Oliver – Edgar Oliver speaks in such a way he would make reading the ingredient list on a muffin box interesting. If I had to describe his voice in one word I suppose it would be Transylvanian.  He has a slow delivery and pauses at odd times, but his voice adds so much he is a must listen.  Mr. Oliver has been featured on the show “Oddities”, and is active in theater in the New York area.  One of my favorite stories is Apron strings of Savannah.  Click here for the moth link.

2.Garrison Keillor – Garrison Keillor has recently retired from Prairie Home Companion, but luckily for us there is a backlog of episodes for you to listen to. My favorite part of Prairie Home was the news from Lake Wobegon which I can only describe as home spun stories from a small town.  Prairie Home Companion will start a new chapter with Chris Thile as host bringing music back as the centerpiece of the show.  Click here to here some of the back episodes, and the news from Lake Wobegon.

3.Benjamen Walker – Benjamen Walker hosts the podcast “The Theory of Everything”, and is an old pro in the podcast world.  The subjects covered range from the Chinese invading the red wine of France to anything involving technology.   Any subject is fair game as long as its interesting.  Give this podcast a few episodes and you will be hooked.  Click here for The Theory of Everything.

4.Aaron Mahnke – Aaron Mahnke hosts the podcast Lore which will soon be adapted into a tv show.  Lore subject matter is the dark side of the folk lore that surrounds us every day.  Everything from Iceland’s little people to insane asylums to H.H. Holmes death house.  Aarons exhaustive research and calm voice will lead you through the macabre.  Click here for Lore.

5.Dan Carlin – Dan hosts the popular podcast, Hardcore history. I like most people, have always thought of history as being dry and somewhat uninteresting.  Mr. Carlin really  brings history to life with vivid descriptions, and insight into the motives of world leaders and common soldiers alike.  If you are interested in politics, Dan also hosts a podcast named Common Sense.  Click here for Hardcore History.

6.Tj Miller – TJ Miller is usually known for his tv and movie work, but he is also a pretty entertaining storyteller.  In the YouTube series “This is not happening” Tj tells about his medical condition and his retelling is one of my favorites from the series.  If you are interesting in hearing more, click here.

7.Jim Jefferies – WARNING!  Jim Jefferies is not for everyone.  Do not watch with your kids.  He is extremely vulgar.  He does however tell a great story.  I have watched several of his specials and he always leaves me in stitches.  If you would like to get a taste of Jim a good place to start is his rant on gun control, click here.  If you are interested in his specials they are on Netflix.

8.Spalding Gray – Spalding Gray was a revolution for me finding him on the independent channel in the late 90’s.  I would have never thought that a guy sitting at a desk spewing words nonstop for several minutes straight, then dramatically going silent and taking a sip of water could be so entertaining.  I kind of feel Mr. Gray has been lost to this generation, hopefully he will be discovered again.  My favorite Swimming to Cambodia has luckily been posted to YouTube if you are interested in watching, click here.

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If you can’t find anything you like here check out our podcast lists.


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