Why we love the Good Guys Car show

0986_HLN15The Good Guys car show is one of the cornerstone summer events in Des Moines. The Good Guys are a national car club that has shows throughout the country.  This year will be the 25th anniversary, and it should be a great one.  Usually the weather is very hot for the show, but this year it looks like a high of 83 on Saturday and Sunday.  One thing that makes our show great is the venue.  At the Iowa State Fairgrounds there is enough room for the competing cars to cruise, so you can sit on a bench and watch an endless parade of classic cars ramble by.  Here are a few reasons why we love the show.

20160701_170727The Cars – There are over 4000 classic cars/trucks from many different eras, styles, colors, and horsepower.  The variety is really amazing.If you can dream it, they have already built it.  One year I saw a customized hearse sidecar that could be towed behind a car/ truck with a matching paint job as well.  Throughout the day some cars will leave and others will arrive, so there is a constant flow of new eye candy.20160701_172355

Nostalgia – I think a great idea would be to go with an older member of the family, and hear  about these cars when they were new.  I have heard so many great stories from older generations of the older cars, and the benefits/downfalls.  Many of my own memories are tied to the car I had at the time.20160701_170101

The Kids – I never attended anything like Good guys as a kid, and I’m sure if I had I would have been mesmerized.  This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids/grandkids and get some great photos and memories.


0335_HLN15.JPGNetworking – Within classic cars there are many different niches. Meeting people within your niche can be very helpful in finding parts and accessories if you have a car you are working on.  There is a swap meet on site, and vendors on site  in the Varied industries building.20160701_173739

Joining – Goodguys is the worlds largest hotrodding association with over 70,000 active members. There are from coast to coast over 20 events annually.  You could hit a different venue every year and not run out for two decades.  Click here to learn more about joining Goodguys.20160701_165846

Buying one – Imagine how happy your wife will be when you bring home a car from the Good guys show.  (tongue firmly in cheek)  The show is a natural marketplace where vehicles are bought and sold, you will probably see several for sale signs and and prices.  If you’re not in the market to buy yet, you can at least get a price range for what you are interested in.20160701_164614

Fireworks – Classics cars and fireworks for the 4th of July weekend?  That’s hard to beat.  The show will have fireworks at 930pm on Saturday.  If you are looking for fireworks displays on a different day click here.20160701_165247(1)

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  1. Lemastre says:

    Looking at the older cars has jostled my mind enough to enable enunciating an aesthetic perception that’s been in my unconscious for a long time. It is that many things look their best when their parts are distinct and identifiable! For example, automobiles. Modern cars conceal themselves in fancy, streamlined shells where the bumpers and the fenders and headlights all run together with the rest of the coachwork. It’s like a world where all women wore the same size muumuus. The most impressive cars are those whose parts are separate and distinct and taken together convey the purpose and power of the vehicle.


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