Six Great Crime Podcasts

20160424_082156 (2)There are some great podcasts covering crime out there.  Some of these podcasts cover missing people, some of them really concentrate only on crimes, and some cover crime and a little more.  If you like true crime like I do, you will find something you like.

1.Casefile – Casefile is my favorite real crime podcast.  This podcast has really come into its own, since its inception.  It is out of Australia, but the stories are from around the world.  I recently took a roadtrip and listened to this show back to back to back.  My favorite episodes are Katherine Knight, Anneliese Michel, and Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?  It Click here to check out Casefile.

2. Criminal – The soft voice of Pheobe Judge is quite the contradiction to the crimes being covered on this podcast.  Subjects covered can be from the silly to the benign, to the grisly.  One of my favorite episodes covers the unexpected theft of thousands of Venus fly traps in North Carolina. Click here for Criminal.

3. Sword and Scale – Sword and Scale has enough of a backlog to keep you busy for awhile. The subjects covered are usually true crime, but my favorite episode so far has been episode 53.  A medical examiner is interviewed and the  procedure for an autopsy is discussed in detail. Avoid this episode if you are squeamish.  Click here for Sword and Scale.

4. The Trail went Cold – If you grew up, like I did, watching Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack you will love this podcast.  Most of the cases covered are actually from the show.  Most of the subject matter is usually in the range of thirty years old.  The facts are covered again, and theories are thrown out there as to what happened.   One of my favorite things about this podcast is the music, it reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries or an 80 horror movie.  Click here for The Trail went cold.

5.Serial – Serial has been out a couple of years and the have covered two stories, one each season.  Season one covered the murder case of Hae min Lee in Baltimore.  Adnan Syed was convicted of that murder, he was an 18 year old kid at the time, and many have thier doubts that he did it.  Season two is about Bowe Bergdahl, the defector and hostage of the Taliban for five years.  Season one is very good, Season two is even better.  Serial is ranked number one on Podcast addict and I think it deserves to be.  I have included a link.

6. Thin Air Podcast – This podcast examines cold cases in which people have disappeared.  Delving into the facts of the disappearance and personality of the missing, new clues are searched for.  If possible interviews are conducted with people who knew the missing. The Mary Ann Watson set of episodes is quite extensive, and my favorite of this podcast.  Click here to check out The Thin Air podcast.

Want some other suggestions for podcasts? I made a few other list Click for #1,#2, or #3.

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