Top Ten Places to Buy a Wedding/Formal Dance dress

20160626_123436Buying a formal dress doesn’t have to be difficult or having to turn to the internet to get what you want. With more and more pictures of shoddy products from online shops, the following give you the chance to shop local in and around Des Moines for the dress of your dreams.

  1. Stacey’s-located on Plum Drive in Urbandale, this store is impressive just from the outside and once you get inside you’ll be impressed by the huge selection of prom and bridal dresses to choose from. They offer over 5,000 prom dresses just to give you an idea of what I meant by a huge selection. They offer easy online appointments and when you’re ready to try dresses on, you’ll be given an assistant to help you with the process. Their website is here

  2. Soiree Couture- located on 100th Street in Urbandale, Soiree Couture has a variety of different types of formal and semi formal dresses so you’re not forced to get a cookie cutter type of style if you don’t want it. They don’t have bridal dresses but if you are in need of a dress for something formal for a black tie event this is an excellent place to go. They have dresses that are featured in national magazines which is kind of hard to find in Des Moines. Their website is here

  3. Skeffingtons Dress-located on SW 9th Street and in Ankeny, Skeffington’s Dress has over 300 formal dresses to choose from and gives you the option of shopping online if you want to avoid the dreaded store dressing room.  This store also is more geared towards formal dresses and doesn’t carry wedding dresses but the dresses they offer are gorgeous and come in a large variety of colors and styles. Their website is here

  4. Angelica’s Design-located on East 14th Street, Angelica’s Design offers both wedding and formal dresses. They are a one stop shop offering everything from a bakery to videography to invitations. Their dresses are well made but don’t cost a fortune.  The staff does primarily speak Spanish but they are very helpful and patient with any sort of language barriers you may have. Their website is here

  5. Bridal Connection-located on North Ankeny Blvd in Ankeny, Bridal Connection carries sizes 0-30 so you don’t have to worry about them not having your size in whatever dress you end up loving. They cater to brides regardless of their size. They even offer a honeymoon planning service with a full service travel agency specializing in romantic trips- for my take on why you might want to reconsider going to Paris for your honeymoon, click here. Their prom selection has 5 designers to choose from and came in sizes 0-28. Their website is here

  6. Schaffers- located on Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines, Schaffers are probably better known for their tuxedos but they offer beautiful bridal and bridesmaids gowns. Their Schaffers Impromtu store is located down the street from their Bridal store and offers an extensive prom dress collection. Their prom dresses range from elegant to more modern dresses. This is the place to go to make it easy to shop for everything in your wedding from the ring bearer to the bride.  Their website is here

  7. Dornink- located on East Grand downtown, Dornink’s mission is the flatter all that is feminine and it shows in both their black tie dresses and their bridal gowns. They make customized gowns that are made to fit perfectly and to make the person wearing it feel beautiful.  They also sell bridal jewelry and custom designed veils to make your day even more personalized.  Their website is here

  8. Affinity Bridal- located on the square in Indianola, Affinity Bridal has been in business for over 20 years and carries both bridal and formal dresses. They have off the rack dresses as well as special order gowns to fit your budget. Their store has hundreds of bridal dresses and over 700 bridesmaids samples. For prom dresses, they will register your dress so the store will then not sell the same style/dress and color to anyone from your high school.  Their website is here

  9. Weddings By Design- located on Grand Avenue in West Des Moines, Weddings by Design is a full service boutique for wedding gowns. Unfortunately they don’t sell prom dresses though their bridesmaids dresses are beautiful enough to be a good substitute. They feature Disney Fairy Tale dresses for those who want their dresses to look like it came straight from a Disney movie.  It’s very easy to schedule an appointment and they’re excellent at helping with any questions you may have with the dress or changing your appointments at the last minute. Their website is here

  10. Modern Dress- located in Story Street in Boone, Modern Dress offers both prom dresses and bridal dresses. They have a “PROMise” policy to register your dress so your dress isn’t sold to another girl at your school though this may not be needed since you’re going a bit out of town to shop here but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The bridal dresses are hand selected each season to ensure the latest trends are available. Their website is here


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