Top Ten Reasons to go to St. Louis


St. Louis is a six hour drive from Des Moines, and it is worth a summer trip.  Once again, I recommend podcasts to get you through the drive.  There are lots of things to do for families, couples or singles alike.  I personally have been to St. Louis many, many times and I am still finding new things to do.  St. Louis is also known for having a lot of free, family friendly attractions.  Here is a guide to get you started on your trip to St. Louis

  1. The Arch – The Arch is iconic, and a must see for any American.  It is 630 feet high, and no building built in St. Louis is allowed to be taller than that.  You are also able to go up to the top of the Arch for a small fee.  I have been up twice personally.  If you do not like heights this might not be for you, the top will sway a bit and can be disorienting.  The views, however are worth it.  From the top you can see for miles, and all of downtown St. Louis.  There is also a museum under the arch covering the subject of westward expansion, it is worth a visit as well.  Whatever you do get some pictures of the Arch and the St. Louis skyline.  Note: Across the river there is a casino, and you can get a great picture of the St. Louis skyline with the Arch from there.  Click here for more information on the Arch.

  2. The St. Louis Zoo – The St. Louis Zoo is one of the better zoos I have been to.  It is compact, and easy to walk.  I would guess that it is about eighty percent of the size of the Omaha Zoo, to give you some scale.  The zoo is located in the sprawling Forest Park which also houses a lot of other attractions.   Admission is free but parking is not, and there are some extra charges if you want to see extra shows/exhibits.  Click here for more information.

  3. The St. Louis Cardinals – The Cardinals are the second most winning baseball team of all time, and something you should do if they are in town.  The stadium is expansive with an old school architectural feel.  Even if the Cardinals are not in town I would recommend going down to the Stadium.  There are lots of statues outside of Cardinal greats, and the Cardinals Hall of Fame museum inside with lots of great exhibits.   You can even hold a Stan Musial bat and get a photo.  If you think you are a true Cardinals fan check out Top Ten signs you are a true Cardinals fan list.  Click here for all things Cardinals.DSCN1235 (2)

  4. City Museum – The City Museum is a wonderland for kids.  There is a maze of tunnels, escape hatches, tubes, secret doors, etc.  It is the second most whimsical place that I have been behind House on the Rock in Wisconsin.  There are aquariums, antiques, and surprises around every corner.  If I were a kid this would be my number on destination in St. Louis.  Click here for more information on the City Museum.citymuseumoutsidelandscape

  5. Schlafy Brewery/ Urban Chestnut Brewery -St. Louis is a city that does beer right.  If you are into craft beer these are the two breweries I would recommend. Both of these breweries are great small breweries. Schlafly has been around for quite awhile,and actually has a great restaurant as part of their brewery.  You can get their beers at Hyvee if you would like to try them before you go, or are just curious.  The thing I like best about Urban Chestnut is the venue.  It is housed in an old brick warehouse that has a lot of character, and very typical of the architecture of St Louis.  Their beers here are excellent as well, I especially like the barley wine. Click Schlafly or Urban Chestnut for their websites.

  6. Meramec Cavern – When you think of caves usually you think of crawling through small passage ways. Meramec Cavern has a ball room inside, and was used for dances for years.  At the end of the tour is a massive wall of stalactites that is well worth the visit.  NOTE: Caves are always a cool option for the middle of a hot day when doing things outside can be uncomfortable.  Click here for more information.

  7. Missouri Botanical Garden – Botanical gardens always seem to provide lots of photo opportunities, and are a great place to stretch your legs and experience nature.  The Missouri Botanical Garden doesn’t disappoint.  Don’t miss the Shoenberg Temperate house. Click here for more information.

  8. Grants Farm – If you want a smaller version of the zoo Grants Farm is a good choice.  Grants Farm is about as All American as something can get.  There are lots of farm animals for kids to play with, biergarten, camel, and carousel rides, deer park with exotics, and lots of great history.  Click here for more information.

  9. Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour – This place is sprawling.  The brewery tour covers the history, production, and rise of Budweiser beer.  Whether you like the beer or not the tour is worth it for the spectacle, and the history.  As an bonus you will get to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, and drink a free beer at the end of the tour.  You will probably be amazed to know how many products Anheuser really makes.  Click here for more information.

  10. Ted Drewes – Ted Drewes is iconic in St. Louis, and has to best frozen custard I have ever had.  I grew up hearing the ads, but never got to go as a child.  The last time I went to St. Louis I made a point to make a stop here and it was well worth it.  Try the Cherry, or anything really it’s all good.  Click here for more information.DSCN0277Looking for another destination?   Just click the link Ireland, or Decorah

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