Top Ten signs you are from Beaverdale

1. You know nobody does cute brick houses like Beaverdale does.

2.You know no other neighborhood seems to do landscaping as well as Beaverdale.

3. You hold the belief that neighborhoods with mature trees are somehow a little better than those that don’t have them, but you can’t explain why…

4. As a child (or a grownup) you WALKED over to Snookies for some ice cream.

5. Going south on Beaver, by the Price Chopper (where the road slides to the left) you always expect the traffic facing you to do something stupid.

6. You know about Des Moines best kept pizza secret, Michael’s.

7. You have been to Christopher’s, many, many times.

8.You, or a family member has had a beer in Cooney’s

9.You spent your childhood exploring the woods of Beaverdale park, pretending to be an explorer/cowboy/indian/Lewis and Clark.

10.You have attended the Beaverdale Fall Festival, or the Beaverdale Farmers Market.

Bonus – Did you know there is a Beaverdale in Des Moines county Iowa?  Along with the Beaverdale in Des Moines city, in Polk county in Iowa.  Wow, that is confusing.

You must have at least five of these qualifications to be a true Beaverdale-ian or prove yourself in other ways.

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