Top Ten podcasts you are not listening to

20160616_190823In the never ending, and enjoyable journey through podcastland, I have put together another top ten list of shows I am listening to right now.  I have included a few from different genres, and age appropriateness so hopefully everyone can find something that you like.  If you cannot however, check out the first two lists I made.

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1.Limetown – Limetown is a great show, it is spooky and suspenseful.  A town of three hundred and fifty people suddenly disappear one night.  There are calls to 911 and when the first emergency personnel get there the town is blocked off.  Only the remains of one person are left, apparently sacrificed.  Ten years pass and nothing has been solved in the mystery.  A reporter starts digging into the story…..and gets in too deep.  Limetown reminds me of The Black Tapes, if you like one you should like the other.   Click here to check out Limetown.

2.Casefile – Casefile is my favorite real crime podcast.  It is out of Australia, but the stories are from around the world.  I recently took a roadtrip and listened to this show back to back to back.  My favorite episodes are Katherine Knight, Anneliese Michel, and Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?  It Click here to check out Casefile.

3. Talking Simpsons – If you enjoy the Simpsons, I highly recommend this podcast.  Every episode from the long running show is broken down (one per episode).  In addition, back stories, side bars, jokes, and how the Simpsons effected our childhoods are also peppered in. Click here to check out Talking Simpsons.

4. 99% Invisible – This podcast covers in short snippets things that are not invisible, but close to invisible.  Each episode is in bite sized segments of around twenty minutes and are very informative.  Some topics covered are; the hyphening on neighborhood names and fig wasps (and how you are possibly eating one every time you eat a fig). Click here to check out 99 percent invisible.

5. Car Talk – My wife hates cars, and talk about cars, yet loves this show.  If you have listened to NPR at all over the last 30 years you have probably heard of this show already.  The show is two brothers giving car advice.  People call in and describe the problem that their car is having.  The hosts will ask detailed questions about the problem, and most of the time have the caller repeatedly make the noise the car is making.  The show is peppered constantly with jokes and is impossible to dislike.  Tom and Ray Magliozzi were the hosts and unfortunately Tom died in 2014.  His death felt like a death in our own family, (as we have been listening for so long)  and he is sorely missed. Click here to check out Car Talk.

6. Tanis – If this term hasn’t been coined I am going to coin it now.  “rabbit hole podcasts.” A rabbit hole podcast is one that is self contained, and the more you listen the further you go down the rabbit hole, as Alice in Wonderland did.  Tanis is a great example of one of these podcasts.  It begins with a concept that is hard to put a finger on.  Tanis is a vague force of nature, and after listening for awhile you will understand more.  However, the narrator and the audience always seem to always be a little bit short on information.  This podcast is spooky and always seems to veer a different way than expected.  Click here to check out Tanis.

7. The Truth – Their tagline is “we make movies for your ears”.  I think this is pretty true.  The production value is very good on this podcast, making you feel a part of the story.  Many types of stories are told, from scary to funny.  My favorite so far are: Don’t touch a thing, and Man V. Nature. Click here to check out The Truth.

8.Orson Wells on the Radio – Yes this is that Orson Wells.  This podcast takes us back to the golden age of radio (the original podcast).  You would think that radio from this long ago would not hold up, but it does.  Orson Wells is a master at storytelling and this podcast is worth a listen.  If not for anything else, just the historical value. Click here to check out Orson Wells on the Radio.

9. This won’t hurt a bit – This show is real doctors talking about health.  Each episode they pick a topic and really dig into it.  Some examples of topics are smoking, extreme running, medicine in the movies, food poisoning.  Even if you are not that interested in medical issues this podcasts can be informative and entertaining.  Click here to check out This won’t hurt a bit.

10. Thin Air Podcast – This podcast examines cold cases in which people have disappeared.  Delving into the facts of the disappearance and personality of the missing, new clues are searched for.  If possible interviews are conducted with people who knew the missing. The Mary Ann Watson set of episodes is quite extensive, and my favorite of this podcast.  Click here to check out The thin air podcast.

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