Top Ten Rainy Day activities in Des Moines

When it rains it limits what you can do with the day.  All of those great outside things we love to do are now out of the question.  A few options are to read a book, watch tv, or play on the internet, but if you would like to still get out of the house here are a few more.

  • See the Art Center – The Des Moines Art Center is free, and houses a great collection.  It is pretty easy to wander around the center for an hour or two.  I prefer the painting area, but they also have a modern art section and sculptures throughout.  For more information, here is their website.
  • Check out the Science Center or an Imax show – I think you can spend at least a few hours in the science center.  There is an area for smaller children, a planetarium, a demo area, and sciences talks about how things work. The complex also houses an Imax theater where nature, and space shows are shown.
  • See the Historical Building – Iowa’s historical building is a great thing to do on a rainy day.  There is quite a bit of information and displays detailing Iowa’s history.  There are displays on Iowa’s role on the civil war, Indian history, and Iowa in the movies.  Check out the website for more information.
  • Explore the sky walk system – I think the best time to walk in the sky walks is when it is raining.  It just seems to be a little nicer to walk from block to block perfectly dry when it is pouring out.  There are maps throughout the system to help you along your journey.  I like to park at the 2nd avenue parking garage, and start there. If you would like a little more information on the sky walks here is a link.
  • Explore Architectural Salvage – Architectural Salvage is almost a museum unto itself.  There are four stories of ads, statues, and everyday items from yesteryear.   There is even a coffee shop inside, so you can get your daily fix and wander around all four floors.
  • Go see a movie – With eleven theaters in the Des Moines Metro area you have plenty of options.  For a little different experience, the Fluer Cinema (on the south side, Fluer Drive) has independent movies and a coffee bar.  Also, Flix brewhouse in the Meryl Hay Mall has a brewery inside and table service while you enjoy a movie.
  • Go shopping at Jordan Creek Mall – Just saying to go to the mall is a little underselling it.  The Jordan Creek area has expanded quite a bit in the last decade.  There now seems to be more shopping around the mall than in the mall.  Check out their website for more information.
  • See whats going on at the Des Moines Social Club – Music, Theatre, food, art there is a lot going on at the social club, check in to see if something interests you.
  • Check out the Gold star museum in Camp Dodge in Johnston – With tanks, planes and helicopters this is a young buys dream spot.  There are lots of photo ops here also.
  • See the capitol building – The capitol building is worth an hour or two on a rainy day.  here are some historical displays, and the building is quite a marvel in itself.  A popular spot to take pictures is the library where there are ornate spiral staircases.
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