Top Ten sites you should check out

  1. Aliexpress – This site is a great place for shopping online.
  2. boredbutton – A good way to waste some time, or keep your kids occupied in the car.
  3. Listverse – Interesting top ten lists from around the world and throughout history.
  4. Beeradvocate – Beers rated from around the world, it will help you navigate the maze of craft brews out there.
  5. Iowagirleats – a great resource for recipes, local style
  6. Artofvisuals – Awesome pictures
  7. Forvo – How to pronounce any word
  8. CatchDesMoines – For upcoming events and attractions in Des Moines
  9. Imgur – Pictures of anything you can think of.
  10. – If you are into real estate this is a good resource.


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