Top Ten Toys from our Childhood

  1. Hot Wheels– these cars have evolved from basic to the newest versions that look like they belong in the Fast and Furious movies. Tracks were sold separately to fulfill your need for speed, though some parents used those tracks for spankings.

  2. Light Brite- a light box with little colored pegs used to form a picture that you either used a template to create or you free formed it with a black sheet of paper.  My free formed images mainly said my name or what one would call “abstract” art.

  3. Cabbage Patch Kids- chubby cheeked dolls that at their peak caused parents to get into fist fights over them. These dolls generated $2 billion in retail sales in 1984 alone according to their website.

  4. Barbie-the doll who could be any job she wanted (though no formal education was required for any of the jobs in Barbieland), have a giant pink mansion, have a perfect and ever-growing wardrobe and had a long time love to boot. Just don’t make the fatal mistake of pulling her head off, once you put it back on, she’ll permanently lose her neck.

  5. Troll Dolls- these dolls came in a variety of hair colors and themes. Every holiday had a doll to commemorate it with as well as every sport.

  6. Tomagotchi- these “pets” gave children a glimpse into the never ending responsibility of being a parent which I’m sure was the main reason they lost their popularity fairly quickly.

  7. 3D View Master- you could travel the world with the images you’d click through on the cardboard discs without ever leaving your home. Images from movies and even a complete anatomy series came later.

  8. Easy Bake Oven- a working oven that produced miniature desserts by using the heat of a light bulb. Recent versions come in gender neutral colors and offer more food varieties like main meals besides dessert offerings.

  9. Tickle Me Elmo- what an odd, odd toy to become popular. Another toy to cause fights between parents in desperation to buy them as Christmas gifts, these dolls giggled every time you “tickled” it. Later versions of different Sesame Street characters sold well but never quite reached Elmo levels.

  10. Pet Rock- a rock that would never need to be fed, bathed, groomed and guaranteed to never die. For $4, you could buy something that you could easily find in your front yard.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. CombatCritic says:

    A few more from my generation … Etch-A-Sketch, Magic 8-Ball, Hula Hoop, Slinky, Gumby and Pokey


  2. David says:

    Tonka trucks!


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